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Author & Film Director Tim Beckley’s Cause of Death is Unknown


Unfortunately, UFO & Paranormal Pioneer Tim Beckley’s cause of death is yet to be announced. He was the former film reviewer for “Hustler” magazine and editor of “Adult Cinema Review.”

Timothy Green Beckley was born on March 4, 1952, as Jeremy Stone. He was an actor and producer known for Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre in 2000.

Beckley had so many careers that even his girlfriend didn’t know what he does for a living. The editor of UFO magazine, Nancy Birnes, described him as the Hunter Thompson of UFOlogy.

Author and film director Timothy Beckley suddenly passed away

According to Tim Backley’s interview with WABC, he was one of the few Americans ever to be invited to speak before closed-door meetings on UFOs presided over by the late Earl of Clancarty at the House of Lords in England.

He probably knew a lot about the history of the UFO movement since the early 1950s more than anyone. Because of his fair and equal approach, he made friends with everyone regardless of whether they believed their stories.

Tim was known among horror movie fans as Mr. Creepo. When he was asked about his major cinema influences, he mentioned Nancy Reagan, who involved him as a horror host.

Author Tim Beckley’s Cause of Death not Announced

Timothy Green Beckley’s cause of sudden death has not been announced yet. Following this tragic news, several fans, friends, and supporters stated their condolences on social media websites.

UFO pioneer and author, Timothy Beckley died

For tributes and prayers, please kindly scroll down and use the comment box to share your feelings about the heartbreaking news.

Adam Gorightly wrote: “Sad to hear about the passing of Tim Beckley, one of the few I considered, in this wacky world of ufology, as a true friend.”

More information about his cause of death will be updated as we receive it. If you have any information about it, we are eagerly waiting to get your words.

He started his career as a writer early on at 14, purchased a mimeograph machine, and published the Interplanetary News Service Report. He has written over 25 books on everything over the years, including:

  • Occult Secrets Of The Third Reich, by Timothy Green Beckley and Sean Casteel and Tim Swartz in December 2017
  • UFO Hostilities And The Evil Alien Agenda: Lethal Encounters With Ultra-Terrestrials Exposed, by Timothy Green Beckley in May 2018
  • The Conspiracy Summit Dossier: Whistle Blower’s Guide To The Strangest And Most Bizarre Cosmic And Global Conspiracies!, by Timothy Green Beckley in April 2009
  • Cryptid Creatures From Dark Domains: Dogmen, Devil Hounds, Phantom Canines And Real Werewolves, by Timothy Green Beckley and Sean Casteel in August 2016
  • The Philadelphia Experiment Revelations!: An Update on The Philadelphia Experiment Chronicles – Exploring The Strange Case of Alfred Bielek & Dr. M.K., by Commander X and Timothy Green Beckley in January 2016

Beckley worked as a movie review critic and a publicist for several small film companies during the hay day of double features and Time Square grindhouses. His recent works included Skin Eating Jungle Vampires and Blood Sucking Vampire Freaks.

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  1. claudia cunningham June 5, 2021

    Tim was a true original, always curious about the world around him and the world beyond. At heart he was an entertainer, and in fact, a very kind man. He allowed me to do some radio shows with him over these past ten years or so after receiving a letter from me concerning the hauntings at the Albany Rural Cemetery, scene of a Man in Black happening. I considered him a friend and I must say it was a privilege to have known him. I keep thinking everything he ever wondered about has now been revealed to him. Rest in peace.

    1. US day News June 5, 2021

      We are sorry about your loss. You were really lucky that you had spent time with this wonderful man. We are all heartbroken about Tim Beckley’s death. He will rest in paradise.

  2. Dc July 29, 2021

    Did the good guys take him or the sinister ones?


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