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Former WWE Referee Tim White’s Cause of Death at 68


With the deepest sorrow, we inform you that the former WWE referee and assistant to Andre the Giant Tim White passed away this week at 68. Tim White’s cause of death has not been announced at this time.

WWE broke the sad news of Tim White’s death on Sunday, with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp tweeting, “Unfortunately have learned that former WWE referee Tim White has passed away, per the company. Sending love to his friends, family, and colleagues.”

In 1985, Tim started as a part-time referee while working as André the Giant‘s agent. In 1993 shortly after Andre’s passing, he became a full-time referee appearing more frequently on WWF television tapings and pay-per-views.

Former WWE Referee Tim White's Cause of Death at 68

On June 28, 1998, Tim was the referee for the legendary Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Mankind at King of the Ring.

After Michael Francis Foley fell through the top of the cell and landed hard in the ring, Tim, fearful that Foley was seriously injured and needed medical attention, came close to declaring the match over, but Mick begged him not to.

The match continued and is remembered as one of the most legendary matches in WWE history. In 2002, Tim suffered a shoulder injury during a Hell in a Cell match between Chris Jericho and Triple H at Judgment Day.

At WrestleMania XX in 2004, Tim returned to referee the match between Christian and Chris Jericho. He re-injured his shoulder during the final three counts of the match, forcing him to end his professional career.

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Tim White’s Cause of Death Remains Untold

Tim White’s cause of death has not been announced by his family at this time. WWE shared a statement, confirming the sand news, and sent its deepest condolences to his friends and family.

On December 18, 2005, Tim made a controversial on-screen appearance at the Armageddon pay-per-view. White, in a segment, a “despondent”, was interviewed by SmackDown! reporter Josh Mathews inside the bar he owned.

White was depicted drinking large amounts of alcohol, saying that the aforementioned Hell in a Cell match “ruined his life.” Tim proceeded to take a gun out from under the bar and, off-screen, fired the gun, seemingly intending to kill himself.

This sketch was considered offensive, in part due to the passing of Eddie Guerrero a month earlier. In January 2006, it was revealed that Tim had shot his foot accidentally during the “ordeal.”

Tim White's cause of death has not been announced by his family at this time.

But when asked by Josh Mathews about his new year’s resolutions, White proceeded to scarf down a box full of rat poison and then fell over in his chair.

This part was leaked onto the internet and social media several days earlier and included was the uncut footage of the post-segment which included the producers and Tim goofing around using some mildly foul language.

On January 15, 2006, Tim was interviewed by Mathews again, but this time Tim tried to hang himself; the rope broke. For weeks afterward, WWE’s official website shared a new video showing Josh trying to interview Tim who is about to commit suicide each week in a different way.

This became a regular segment and was given the name of Lunchtime Suicide, uploaded on WWE’s website every Thursday at lunchtime.

Dozen of sketches were aired, and the segments were derided as insensitive and of poor taste. In April 2006, WWE.com posted a video where the late referee did not attempt to commit suicide.

In fact, he invited Josh to a party at the Friendly Tap to take place. The next week, he attended the party and ended up getting shot by Tim.

The referee was released from WWE in January 2009, ending his 24-year career with the company. He is the second WWE referee to pass away this weekend following the passing of Dave Hebner who you can read more information about in the article below. May he rest in peace.
Longtime WWE Referee Dave Hebner’s Death; Unforgettable Legend

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