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Day of Disaster; Singer Timmy Thomas’ Cause of Sudden Death


March 14, 2022. A day of disaster for the anti-war singer’s fans and friends as he’s not among us anymore. Stay to learn more about Timmy Thomas’ cause of death, his personal life, and his career.

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Born on November 13, 1944, Timothy E. Thomas became a beloved and talented R&B singer, besides being a keyboardist, songwriter, and record producer, who gained fame for the hit song, Why Can’t We Live Together.

Day of Disaster; Singer Timmy Thomas' Cause of Sudden Death

Mr. Thomas used to be a member of a group called Phillip & the Faithfuls, including the singer Phillip Reynolds. They released material for the Goldwax imprint such as “Love Me”, “What’Cha Gonna Do” and “‘If You Love Her” (all in 1964).

Later on, Timmy became a session musician in Memphis and planned to release solo sides for Goldwax, including “Have Some Boogaloo” as well as “It’s My Life” in 1967.

He had switched labels to the Climax imprint and one side called “What’s Bothering Me” back in 1970. Thomas played sessions for the TK group labels, relocating to Miami, Florida, in 1972, signing to the Glades Records imprint, where, he released “Why Can’t We Live Together” later that year.

Timmy worked as a producer for LaFace Records in the 1990s to release the album With Heart and Soul for DTM Records. His song Dying Inside To Hold You was well-received in the Philippines and gained further popularity in 2017 as it was covered by Darren Espanto for the film All of You.

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What We Know about Timmy Thomas’ Cause of Sudden Death

Nothing yet has been shared due to Timmy Thomas’ cause of death. HHis family tributed to him on Facebook: “With appreciation and gratitude, the family extends a thank you for the prayers, support, precious words and other expressions of love and kindness during this time.”

A fan wrote: “Sad to report pioneering Miami soul artist, producer and songwriter Timmy Thomas has passed away. He made many classics, such as “Why Can’t We Live Together” & created an exciting new R&B sound during the 70s, wrote/produced for Betty Wright & Gwen McRae.”

One expressed: “Sorry to hear R&B singer-songwriter and musician Timmy Thomas has died at age 77. His best-known hit 1972’s “Why Can’t We Live Together” was a minimalist soul at its best: recorded in mono w/ sparse production and organ & drum machine backing #RIPTimmyThomas.”

Gilly Kenealy replied: “RIP Timmy Thomas. My sister still has the single on 7″. The organ, jarring in parts adds to the urgency of Thomas’ plea for peace. This song has stayed with me for 47 years, from when I heard it 1st time on my sister’s radiogram to the present day, I love it.”

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