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Story of Former Baltimore Colts RB Tom Matte’s Cause of Death


With a heavy heart, we have to inform you of former Baltimore Colts RB’s death on November 3rd, 2021. Tom Matte’s cause of death has not yet been confirmed; however, some possibilities have been discussed.

Jake Louque tribute: “Sad to see the reports of the passing of Tom Matte, but what a damn life he lived. He left it all on the field for the Colts over a decade and was heavily involved with the Ravens as well. One of Baltimore’s longest-tenured sporting legends. Rest In Peace.”

Mr. Matte played for Colts since ever throughout his professional football career started this career in 1961 that lasted for 11 years. After Johnny Unitas and backup Gary Cuozzo got injured near the 1965 season, Tom became the league’s first emergency quarterback.

Tom, who used to be the decorated player, received the super bowl ring in the 1960s and 70s, besides being at his prime during his time. He was considered as the first-team All-Pro after rushing for 909 in 1969.

He led the league in both rushing touchdowns (11) and yards from scrimmage (1,422). After a while, Matte was knocked out due to a knee injury for two games into the 1970 season when the Colts went on to beat the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V.

One of his important roles was to help the Colts beat the Rams 20-17 in the season finale. He threw just two passes, rushed for 99 yards on 16 carries to thrust Baltimore into a tie for first place with the Green Bay Packers in the Western Division.

During the college years at Ohio State University, the talented player originally played the quarterback position. He was able to finish 7th in voting for the Heisman Trophy during his senior year.

Matte had occasionally displayed his skill previously as a passer after taking a pitch for being well-experienced in what he does. He made things happen after taking the snap from center against Dallas.

“I was sort of the jack of all trades and master of none. I wasn’t the superstar by no means,” said Matte

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Behind Shadows Tom Matte’s Cause of Death

A possibility behind Tom Matte’s cause of death has been discussed; however, it needs to be mentioned that the circumstances surrounding any news due to his death are not entirely clear.

There is the possibility that says the beloved Tom has passed away due to some health issues. It’s discussed he might have been suffering from serious health problems because of his age.

Besides that, it’s said that he got issues in his lungs as he suffered from COVID-19 last year, which is also considered as one of the reasons for his death.

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Mark Viviano expressed: “We will remember Tom Matte for his ever-present smile & laugh. A friend to all & a Baltimore Colt for all time. Rest in God’s peace, Tom.”

He passed away at the age of 82. May he rest easy in grace and love and be remembered fondly. Please write your condolence for us as it will be the only thing to get his beloveds through such difficult times.

Ravens coach Harbaugh stated: “I just want to start off with condolences to the Matte family. Tom Matte passed away. To Judy Matte. We have a special bond. My mom and Tom Matte went to high school together, and Tom and my dad and Judy have been friends ever since.”

Reactions to Tom Matte’s Death:

The tragic news due to Tom Matte’s death has broken many hearts. Many have been sharing their condolences through social media. A fan shared: “I hate having to write these words. Tom Matte has died. He was 82. We were friends and broadcast partners for over thirty years, and we had more adventures than I can tell you about in a week. I loved him, and I’ll miss him terribly.”

Morgan Adsit tweeted: “I always said I had the best seat in the press box on Ravens home games because I sat beside Tom Matte. One of the nicest people I’ve met in Baltimore & called my friend. May he Rest In Peace. Condolences to the Matte family, his loved ones, friends, and Baltimore Colts family.”

One wrote: “Sad news on the passing of Tom Matte RB #41- late great Baltimore Colt. HOF er- famous wrist band ‘fill in QB’ in the championship game vs. Packers in Canton enshrined. Top rusher in Super Bowl III- where sadly, Namath took the glory..rest well, brother Tom- our fav garbage man.”

Ron Cassie expressed: “Sorry to hear of Tom Matte’s passing. Such a warm, big-hearted guy. We did a column together, “Mondays with Matte,” for the former Baltimore Examiner. A few yrs ago, he told me he is dealing with CTE; I was working on a story, and he and his wife invited me over.”

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