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Shocking Rumors of Youtuber Tre Melvin’s Death Make Headlines


Rumors of YouTuber Tre Melvin’s death are spreading through social media on May 4, 2022, and his fans are searching for Tre Melvin’s cause of death during this difficult time.

Melvin was hospitalized after being injured in a car crash that killed his friend, Katheryn Pacheco-Mendoza. According to a statement on his Twitter account, he and Pacheco-Mendoza both suffered brain injuries as a result of the accident.

US day News does not confirm nor reject the heartbreaking news related to Tre Melvin. Our team is trying to provide the latest updates as soon as possible and you make sure to check back regularly for the latest updates.

Shocking Rumors of Youtuber Tre Melvin's Death Make Headlines

Chef Kathy, 28, passed away as a result of her injuries sustained in the car accident, and her family and close friends are mourning her sudden passing.

“Early Monday morning, Tré was engaged in a catastrophic vehicle crash with his buddy Kathereya,” a statement posted on Melvin’s Twitter read. “Kathy is unresponsive, whereas Tré is steady.

“Their families have requested that you send them prayers, blessings, and positive energy. They will emerge stronger and more powerful as a result of this. That’s correct.”

The vlogger announced his friend’s passing on Twitter Monday evening, writing, “I escaped a fatal collision. My best buddy, on the other hand, did not. I don’t believe I’ve ever felt so helpless. Ever. Please contribute to her burial expenses if you are able.”

Several sources and social media users have reported that the young YouTuber has sadly passed away. Besides that, a post on Melvin’s Twitter account has been shared that confirms the sad news.

The news came out just days after David Birney’s Cause of Death was released. He sadly passed away on Friday, April 29, 2022, at his home in Santa Monica.

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What was Tre Melvin’s Cause of Death?

However several social media users have reported that the YouTube personality has passed away, and his family has not released any statement to confirm the news, Thus we do not confirm details related to Tre Melvin’s cause of death.

Melvin was born on October 28, 1992, in Dayton, Ohio, United States. Tre announced his departure from YouTube a month ago, saying that his Blackness and queerness were not fully welcomed on the platform.

Tre Melvin's cause of death at the young age

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Tré Melvin was a YouTube star, as well as an actor, producer, writer, singer, designer, poet, songwriter, and philanthropist. He was mainly known for his songs ‘Arm Brace’, ‘Something in Water’, ‘Pls Disinfect.’

He attended Stivers School for the Performing Arts, where he studied theatre and creative writing, and Business Marketing at the University of Cincinnati. His net worth is estimated to be over 500k at 29 with his work as a freelance artist.

Melvin began performing professionally at the age of 12, starring in a variety of stage plays, television commercials, musicals, short films, and radio advertisements.

The artist has amassed over 7,000,000 followers across all social platforms and over 1,000,000,000 video views globally thanks to his YouTube sketch, social commentary, and short-form serial programming.

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