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What Happened to Gay Adult Film Actor Tyler Roberts?


Gay adult film performer Eric Hazen sadly passed away on December 3, 2022. Some details related to Tyler Roberts’ cause of death were shared by his partner on social media.

His partner, Aaron Thomas, took to Twitter to announce the devastating news; writing: “I am so heartbroken to share that my love @XXXTylerRoberts passed away yesterday. His family and I are grieving as Eric left a huge space behind that can’t easily be fixed.”

“Lead with love and tell everyone you can you love them as if it’s the last. I love you, Bubba. Rest now,” Thomas added.

Tyler Roberts' Cause of Death Relates to Organ failure.

In November, his longtime partner shared on Twitter that Tyler was suffering from organ failure, and was “fighting for his life in the ICU.”

On Saturday, Aaron took to social media again to announce Tyler’s death. “I am so heartbroken to share that my love [Tyler Roberts] passed away yesterday.

“His family and I are grieving as Eric left a huge space behind that can’t easily be fixed. Lead with love and tell everyone you can you love them as if it’s the last. I love you Bubba. Rest now,” Thomas wrote.

In a statement on Twitter, Thomas said that Tyler had helped him grow and evolve in ways he did not know he was capable of. He added: “Thank you for seeing me as I am in full and thank you for letting me love you as you are.”

Thomas continued: “I’m so grateful to have known a love like yours.”

Another heartbreaking news! Broadway star Quentin Oliver Lee’s cause of death shocked fans as his wife, Angie Lee Graham, revealed he passed away on December 1, 2022, at the age of 34.

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Tyler Roberts’ Cause of Death Relates to Organ failure

Tyler Roberts’ cause of death has not been officially announced but his partner Aaron Thomas said that Tyler was suffering from organ failure at the time of his death.

The actor’s death comes shortly after a previously more hopeful tweet Aaron Thomas posted on November 28, 2022, writing, “As we know, Eric is a fighter! To our joy and his care team’s surprise, Eric’s kidneys have begun to work again, coming back from end-stage kidney failure. He still has a long road ahead.”

He added at the time that “[Tyler’s] heart was too big and could no longer support his body. ” Thomas added that Roberts would need a transplant in the future.

Tyler Roberts' cause of death has not been officially announced.

He thanked those who had donated to a fundraiser for his Roberts’ medical bills and those who had checked in on them.

Roberts, who made his first gay porn debut in 2008, had been vacationing in Palm Springs, California, when he began experiencing organ failure, according to Edge Media‘s report.

A GoFundMe for hospital and other expenses had been started by Tyler’s family. It currently has more than $12,000 out of a $30,000 goal.

Shortly after Thomas shared the sad news, many Twitter users send their condolence messages to him and paid a touching tribute to Roberts.

“I don’t care if one is gay or straight, etc. Losing a loved one in a relationship is painful and deserves the same respect, caring as straight couples. I am sad for his family, loved ones, friends. Your loss is everyone’s loss, so I wish you peace, love, caring, hugs,” someone wrote.

One social media user tweeted: “Hi @AaronThomasNYC. I sent you a DM as my heart , condolences, prayers, and support go to you and @XXXTylerRoberts (Eric) family on his passing. I am so sorry about your loss. He was a hell of a great guy, and one I can say was a special soul, and beloved by many people.”

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  1. connor oborn January 6, 2023

    odd the obvious omission on steroid use or the over use of steroid usem be it HGH or other steroids a 34 yr old guy just doesn’t die from organs failing and absolutley no mention of a partner who let it all go by his stupid ass eyes what an idiot


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