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Hunter McGrady’s Brother, Tynan McGrady Died in Car Accident


Model Hunter McGrady announced her younger brother’s death on May 4. She revealed that Tynan McGrady died in a car accident on May 1.

On Tuesday morning, May 4, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit alum announced on Instagram that her 23-year-old died after the car crashed into a telephone pole along South Westlake Boulevard, three-quarters of a mile south of Potrero Road.

She said, “The most gut wrenching words I’ve ever had to write in my life, one that no one ever wants to. My chest is heavy, and I feel like I’ll never breathe again, I don’t know how this pain repairs or if it ever feels like life can live again. My baby brother went to be with the Lord on May 1.”

Hunter McGrady's brother, Tynan McGrady died

The model added, “The most kind, gentle, loving, beautiful, intelligent, funny human being this earth has ever known. If you know me, you know I rave about my brother, he is and will always be the love of my life.”

Mom-to-be Hunter McGrady also posted a screenshot of their texts, explaining that she and Tynan would always text each other the words “Goodnight I love you.” She admitted that she “never wanted a day to go by without him knowing how much I love and adore him.”

She wrote that she has never known someone to be so passionate about computer engineering, coding, cars, and gaming, but her brother “was knowledgeable about this stuff beyond belief, he would show me his homework, and I felt like Einstein was showing me something.”

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Hunter McGrady’s baby’s pic was revealed on Sunday, June 27. She gave birth to a baby boy.

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McGrady’s Brother, Tynan McGrady’s Graduation Celebration

Hunter McGrady and her family threw a graduation celebration on May 21, for her brother Tynan who died in a car accident earlier on May 1.

Tynan McGrady received a computer engineering degree from San Francisco State University. McGrady wrote, alongside a selfie with Tynan and their sister, Michaela, “Today is a big day; it is my brother Tynan’s graduation day. Although he is not here to experience it on Earth, we as a family are still celebrating and jumping for joy for him.”

Hunter McGrady's brother, Tynan, died after a fatal car accident

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model also shared a letter from Tynan’s professor, remembering him as a brilliant student.

McGrady continued, “Tynan was brilliant beyond belief. He wanted to change the world with his passion for computer engineering. Oh boy, He will.”

Then she revealed that Tynan’s legacy “will live on forever. Bubba, today we celebrate you graduating college, something you worked so hard for. We will be watching as your name goes across the screen and jumping for joy for you. You deserve it,” his older sister continued. “We love you so much, and as a family, we are so incredibly proud of you. Happy Graduation Day.”

The family followed Tynan’s graduation via Zoom; the model later showed on her Instagram Story.

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Tynan McGrady’s Death at Car Accident

Tynan McGrady died in a car accident, and Hunter remembered her brother as a hard worker and “absolutely brilliant” who had just three weeks left from graduating from San Francisco State University with a computer engineering degree.

Hunter also continued that, “There is no telling why these things happen, why accidents happen, why life is taken too short. I’m so grateful for beautiful the 23 years God gave us with him. I know we will meet again because the Bible says so.”

She posted several sweet photos of the siblings alongside an emotional and heartfelt caption. In one picture, they are at her 2019 wedding to Brian Keys.

She quoted a verse from the Book of Revelation before concluding, “Thank you for making me a big sister. Thank you for your heart. Goodnight, my sweet, beautiful Bubba, I love you.❤️”

Sister Michaela McGrady Hernandez also posted a loving tribute to Tynan, writing, “I try not to think of the times I will never again experience with him but be grateful for the times I was gifted. I was able to spend 23 years with my baby brother. A gift. A treasure. He inspired me every day.”

Hunter’s sister and fellow model Michaela McGrady Hernandez also paid tribute to Tynan on Instagram, writing, “My family and I are devastated.”

She described Tynan as “wildly funny, impossibly intelligent, endlessly kind and gentle but determined and passionate.” Michaela also wrote that being his sister was the honor of her life.

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  1. Jill DeVries September 20, 2021

    I am so sorry for loss Hunter. I know your pain, my son was killed in a car accident recently. No words can describe the emptiness. I pray for peace and healing for you and your family. Your baby is as beautiful as you are. What a wonderful way to honor your brother by giving him his name.


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