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Dark Secrets of American Ambassador Vance Amory’s Cause of Death


It comes with great grief to bring you this news that Saint Kitts and Nevis politician, ambassador, and cricketer Vance Amory passed away on Saturday (2 April 2022) at 72. Amory’s cause of death has been released soon after the secrets of this incident became clear.

Mark Brantley who was Amory’s long-time friend and colleague paid his tribute to his death and stated, “He was a giant who walked amongst us over the past several decades,”

Vance Amory made considerable efforts to run the Concerned Citizens’ Movement which was a political party. Currently, Mark Brantley is in charge of guiding this political branch. Mark is also considered Amory’s confidant political hand.

Vance Amory's caused of death has shocked many.
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To add more to their close partnership, Amory appointed Brantley as his replacement in 2017. The aim was to lead the vision of development and success in Nevis. From that time on Brantley has done many great jobs for example he created the CCM in 1987.

Amory successfully won the general public’s opinion and as a consequence, he is known as the “Politician of People”. He did a great job working as Nevis Premier for different courses of time, between 1992 and 2006 and between 2013 and 2017.

 The leader also served as the Minister of Sports in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA). The brainchild of Vance Amory was the Concerned Citizens Movement, which he founded in 1987 as a political front. He also led his political party for more than a decade and served as Premier of Nevis.

As a sign of understanding and honoring Amory’s huge efforts, Vance W. Amory International Airport, has been named after him in Nevis. Amory funded this airport for a while and was very helpful in the process of building this place.

As well as his long tails of efforts and success in politics, Amory was also very keen on sport. He was much interested in cricket and has considerable records and his abilities have been proven on the pitch several times.

Many people around of world have been saddened by hearing or reading about Vance Amory’s cause of death and you can kindly share your thoughts and ideas with us. In that regard, please put your thoughtful comments or even your condolences messages in the box below. It will definitely help us to provide our wise readers with a better source of news.

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Vance Amory’s Cause of Sudden Death

Since it was announced on different social media pages and also news websites that Vance Amory’s death is confirmed, many started asking about his real cause of death. From reliable sources and also family statements we understood that he passed away in London after battling cancer.

Amory was an adroit cricket player who had the experience of playing as an opening batsman. Hee played professional cricket for the Combined Islands and the Leeward Islands from 1969 to 1981. The most rated score he got was 88 and he achieved it while playing for the Leeward Islands against the Windward Islands in 1977-1978.

He played as the captain of the Leeward Islands against the touring English team during his last game in March 1981and managed to score 37 and 56. During his career in cricket, he experience some injuries including a broken nose that caused him to be carried off the field.

Vance Amory's caused of death has shocked many.
image source: nevisblog.com

What always supported him throughout his political career was his educational background. He earned his ‘A’ grade levels in St. Kitts and afterward entered the University of the West Indies at Cave Hill Campus, Barbados, where he achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree.

However, our team in US day News does not confirm any of the rumors which are rampant all over the web. Nonetheless, we are trying our best in order to find the most reliable news and information about Vance Amory’s cause of death and also to add additional updates on a daily basis.

Apart from news reliability, family privacy and social respect toward them are very crucial to us. We wish them peace and solace in such a difficult time and hope Amory’s soul rests in eternal peace.

In the early stages of 1983, Amory found a job in the finance department of the Nevis Island Government and through this position, he then set the stage for himself to get promoted and become the Permanent Secretary in Finance, under the guidance of Dr. Simeon Daniel.

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