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Story of QAnon Anti-Vaxxer Veronica Wolski’s Cause of Death


We are sorry to inform you of the QAnon Anti-Vaxxer’s death on September 13, 2021, confirmed by Lin Wood. Veronica Wolski’s cause of death has been revealed; stay for more details.

As you may know, Veronica Wolski was mainly known for her so-called “People’s Bridge,” She drops anti-vaccine disinformation leaflets off a bridge based in Chicago.

Wolski was an anti-vaccine activist and a QAnon believer at the center of a harassment campaign against a Chicago hospital. She refused to be treated with ivermectin while being hospitalized.

Story of QAnon Anti-Vaxxer Veronica Wolski's Cause of Death
“I have just learned that Veronica Wolski saw the face of God this morning at 12:44 a.m.”

According to that hospital, they were getting hundreds of calls and emails over the last week due to the campaign. After Wolski’s death, Mr. Wood shared: “Veronica is being murdered at Amita Resurrection Hospital.”

There is a video shared by Ron Filipkowski, where you can see Mr. Wood is calling the hospital staff after A\Veronica’s death and demands that she be released from the hospital, claiming the person on the call would be guilty of murder if she did not.

It is said that police were called to the hospital on Sunday night following reports of a disturbance. In a posted video, a woman is seen demanding a police officer be allowed into the hospital to perform a “wellness check” on Wolski.

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Deadly Disease Becomes Veronica Wolski’s Cause of Death

Veronica Wolski’s cause of death was reported as COVID-19. She passed away in the early hours of Monday, September 13, the morning, being hospitalized for over a week with COVID-19.

Jan Wolfe tweeted: “Lin Wood, who still has a law license, called up a hospital, introduced himself as an attorney, and told the operator they’ll be charged with murder because they refused to dispense Ivermectin. To an anti-vaxxer pal of his who got COVID.”

According to sources, Lin Wood first announced her death on Telegram, a conspiracy theorist known as one of the biggest and most influential QAnon supporters.

Story of QAnon Anti-Vaxxer Veronica Wolski's Cause of Death

Mr. Wood has recently urged his 814,000 Telegram followers, ringing up the Amita Resurrection Hospital, demanding that Wolski be treated with ivermectin instead of approved and tested drugs or vaccines.

Lin Wood explained how our responsibility is to ensure that these medical murders stop NOW and the perpetrators are brought to justice.

“Veronica will be on her bridge in Heaven looking down on us. We must do our best to make sure Veronica did not leave this Earth in vain,” wood shared.

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Reactions to Veronica Wolski’s Death

One shared: “After attempts to force a CHI hospital to treat anti-vaccine activist Veronica Wolski with ivermectin were unsuccessful, Lin Wood today calls the hospital, says that he has an ambulance outside to take her away. If they don’t release her, they could be charged with murder.”

One wrote: “New: Lin Wood was going nuts on Telegram about Veronica Wolski, a QAnon advocate who posted anti-vax messages on a bridge in Chicago. Mike Flynn was involved. They wanted her to have Ivermectin. She passed away.”

Another one tweeted: “Very sad. Some of you might know Veronica… hit pieces are being published by the media. Yes, she wanted to be treated by her dr. prescribed ivermectin. Last night an ambulance and dr. went to get her as she wanted to be discharged. The hospital refused. Sadly, she passed away.”

Will Sommer tweeted: “News in QAnon world today: Veronica Wolski, a Covid denier known for hanging QAnon signs on bridges, died of Covid last night. QAnon believers, led by Lin Wood, had been deluging the hospital with demands that she receive ivermectin. Cops were called last night amid bomb threats.”

One replied: “Then why didn’t she stay home and have her friends treat her out of the pet aisle at Walmart? Don’t go to the hospital if you don’t believe in science. I’m sure her friends were stocked up on horse paste. Since they were the experts, that’s where she should have gone.”

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1 Comment

  1. Julie Holcomb May 17, 2022

    You hate-filled slandering morons! Let me make this perfectly clear. I am NOT a Trump supporter. But it is ckear that this woman was murdered. SO WHERE ARE U GOING TO PIGEONHOLE ME?? You cannot call me a Trump supporting Nazi, or even a Q Anon. Are your festering heads about to explode? Why don’t you use some of that energy consumed trying to protect a failed narrative and look at what your beloved liberal government is stealing from YOU as you scream and combust over something the media has convinced you is your next righteous cause. Because nothing coming from your vile hate-filled face holes has a place in a free and open society. You are so embarrassingly ignorant about a medicine that could not only be saving the lives of Covid infected individuals – it could be presenting it to occur in the first place. This is the truth about ivermectin for you absolute morons who either don’t know the truth or just want to perpetuate a lie in order to embarrass and humiliate those people that are either lying in a hospital dying or people like Veronica who have been essentially murdered through the withholding of this medication. Read it and absorb it into your purse ridden brains.

    William Campbell and Satoshi Ōmura won the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for its discovery and applications.[14] It is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines,[15] and is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as an antiparasitic agent.[16] In 2018, it was the 420th most commonly prescribed medication in the United States, with more than 100,000 prescriptions.[17] It is available as a generic medicine.[
    I’m a Jesus Christ, it’s right there in your arbitures of truth, Wikipedia.

    Ivermectin prevents the spike protein, you know that spike protein that your vaccinated bodies are now producing by the truckloads, it prevents that spike protein from adhering to the ace to receptors therefore making the virus ineffective. Is there anything about that you’re a atrophied brains can’t comprehend? Because I’ll be happy to put it in third grade terms. So why is it that this safe and effective medication is being withheld As a treatment? Well, if you use just an ounce of deductive reasoning, even you can come up with the answer to that.

    You people that are celebrating the death of this woman need to pull your heads out of your asses and take a look in the mirror at what you have become. when Jesus said If you are not with me you’re against me, that serves as a fundamental law of the universe. If you’re actively working for the cause of good in this world, you are supporting evil. And you all are clearly evil and you disgust me beyond words. You’re in capable of looking at yourselves in the light of truth, because you’re under the spell of main stream media and Anthony Fauci your most recent God.

    And truthfully, I don’t see these things in an attempt for you to come to the realization of what you’re doing, just to say that when you hear the celebration going on as you’re burning in hell, you’ll know I’m part of that party.


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