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Rumors Say Porn Star Violet Myers’ Passed Away at a Young Age


Rumors due to Adult entertainment star, Myers’ passing is all over the internet. The tragic news came out on March 30, 2022. Fans wondering, asking around if Violet Myers has really passed away.

You can read about all the dear adult entertainment stars whome we have lost in recent years a the end of the article.

Before anything else, you may want to take a quick read on her personal life and career.

It’s said that Myers was born in an American household in the US on February 24, 1997. She accomplished her high school training in a non-public college in her hometown.

Behind Shadows Porn Star Violet Myers' Cause of Sudden Death

As you may already know, Violet gained fame for appearing in the adult industry, earning many honors for performances in various adult movies.

Her co-stars ducked her as one of the most sensual actresses and the fans really enjoyed her performances in the movies.

She is considered to be a star who has performed several Islamic rolled in multiple porn series.

The US Day News does not confirm nor reject any of this information. Please do not rely on anything that you read or hear on social media. Make sure to check back regularly for the latest updates.

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Violet Myers Passed Away; The Story Stays Behind Shadows

Multiple reports have been shared, informing us that the porn star Violet Myers has passed away, without mentioning her cause of death.

It needs to be noted that we haven’t found any statement from close or reliable sources that has even confirmed her death.

Many of her fans believe that the news about her passing is just another rumor.

Since these rumors have come out, many have been sharing their sympathies and condolences through social media.

  • Days later, on April 3, it was clarified that Violet Myers’ death was nothing but a rumor. That same day, she even shared several posts and pictures on her Instagram story, revealing that she had visited Dark.Helmet.Collectibles, and bout a few things, such as the red panda character’s toy.
  • Dark Helmet shared several photos as well and wrote: “A big thank you to @waifuviolet for stopping by, It’s always a pleasure.”

Help us to write a better and more reliable article. Let us know if you found any wrong detail in the article. Write your thought for us in the comment box below.

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Another Porn Stars Whom We have Lost

May They All Sleep Well…

Porn Star Angelina Please Passed Away After Gone Missing For five days

Angelina Please’s dead body was found by police after they were called to her home and soon found her body while no signs of foul play or violence were reported at her home at that time.

Without revealing the Adult film star’s cause of death, her passing was announced on Monday, March 14, 2022. Angelina Please passed away so young, at the age of 24! May she rest in peace.

According to sources, her neighbor and fellow porn star Aspen Brooks appear to suggest that police were called to her flat when no one had heard from her in five days.

The beloved angle had an OnlyFans account to share raunchy clips with her thousands of followers online. She appeared in five episodes of the TV series Kinky Bites. Her co-stars such as Charlotte Sartre and Robin O’Hara back in 2020.

Her friend, Brooks shared at that time that she was at a loss for words as news of Please’s passing circulated, writing, “Went to go check up on my friend after she had been missing, only to find out we lost an amazing person. One of my best friends. My neighbor.”

She wrote: “The person I would gossip with about everything. She was 24 years old and she’s looking down on us now in a better place, letting us know everything will be ok.”

Some believed that Angelina Please passed away due to the case pending, while some others claimed she lost his life because of suicide. None of them has been confirmed.

The GoFundMe, created by Angelina’s sibling, reads: “My parents would like to bring her body home to Chicago, where my father has given up his plot to lay my sister next to her grandparents. This is a fee my parents and I never planned for. Please help us with whatever you can.”

It’s written: “Every cent goes towards my sister and her final place of rest. I never imagined having to do for my baby sister. so special in a million different ways and showed so much promise. She would go above and beyond to help the people she loved. Now, she and her family are asking for your help.”

She expressed herself after her sister’s passing: “This is a fee my parents and I never planned for. Please help us with whatever you can. Every cent goes towards my sister and her final place of rest.”

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Victoria Paris Passed Away; Cancer Is Under The Blame

Award-winning porn star, Victoria Paris passed away. It turned out to be another heartbreaking news that came out strong and brought tears to many fans. She featured in over 100 X-rated films and died last Tuesday.

According to sources, Cancer was blamed for Victoria Paris’ cause of death. Porn star legend of the ‘80s and ‘90s passed away at the age of 69.

To know about her career, Paris achieved several AVN awards in 1990 as well as in 1992. She was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 1997, besides appearing in over 100 adult films during her career.

Victorias had gained a degree in nutrition from Montana State University. Paris moved to Los Angeles, where she found part-time work as a secretary and nude model after graduating.

In 1990, she tied for AVN’s Best New Starlet award with porn star Tori Welles. Victoria starred in Beauty & the Beast II, Ghostbusters, The Chameleon, and The New Barbarian after making her debut in Fantasy Nights.

Beauty & the Beast II, The Chameleon, The Seduction of Mary, and The New Barbarian are known as some of her most well-known films.

The Italian-American adult film producer, Mr. Braun, wrote that he bumped into her several times over the years at the Cannes Film Festival because she loved to travel, and she enjoyed the finest things in life.

Axel Braun spoke of working with Victoria and praised her for being professional in a statement after the tragic news: “It featured the top performers of that era, so it was kind of a big deal. An even bigger deal for me since it was not only my first time in the US but also my first time on a porn set.”

He added at those difficult times: “I wrote the lead specifically for her because she was very classy and had an aura of innocence that fits perfectly with the story I wanted to tell.”

Braun expressed: “When I first met her at the table reading, she told me that, just like myself, she didn’t smoke, drink or do drugs, which was very unusual for the times, and I immediately noticed that she was extremely professional, personable, and meticulously prepared, which is something that definitely helped make that production smooth and pleasant.”

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