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Rangers Walter Smith’s Cause of Death after Hospitalization


Today, on October 26, 2021, Walter Smith’s death news has been revealed, but his cause of death has not been confirmed yet. Although there are some reporters through the legend’s death cause, US day News doesn’t confirm or refuse these reasons for his death, but we are waiting for more official information, so stay with us.

Rumors were circulating on Twitter and Rangers‘ forums, stemming from a nurse who claimed that Smith was ill in hospital. Now, it is reported that Walter Smith’s cause of death at 73 relates to his health problems.

Many fans had been dismissed these rumors because neither Walter Smith’s family nor the Rangers football club had confirmed his death. Rangers fans had their “fingers crossed” that Walter Smith is well because, during an interview with the 73-year-old footballer on March 8, 2021, he was well; it is unknown when the interview was conducted, although Rangers fans hope this is a positive sign he is well.

Finally, the Rangers football club made it clear that the legendary manager was in hospital after an operation and was recovering at that time.

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The Rangers football club confirmed that Walter Smith is recovering in hospital after an operation.

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What is Walter Smith’s Cause of Death?

On March 12, 2021, social media was flooded with rumors that the former Rangers manager was ill. This news began from a nurse who reported treating him in the hospital.

Graeme Souness, 67, is a fellow former Scottish football player; he is currently a pundit on Sky Sports. Like Walter Smith, Souness also managed the Rangers football club.

The former football player, Walter Smith is in hospital

Souness spoke of Walter Smith during this Sky Sports appearance. He said: “My old pal Walter Smith, I see him occasionally, and I’ve asked you, Walter, to celebrate tonight. He knows what I mean. I hope he’s celebrating something else right now as I’m speaking.”

The phrase “something else” had many fans considering Graeme was referring to Walter Smith’s alleged illness.

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Walter Smith Professional Career

Mr. Smith spent most of his time playing at Dundee United. He rubber-stamped his coaching certificates as assistant manager during a time of unprecedented success for the Tannadice outfit.

Walter was McLean’s right-hand man when they were crowned Premier Division champions in 1983 and joined the European Cup’s semi-finals the following season, losing 3–2 on aggregate to Italian cracks Roma.

He made his mark early at the international level, coaching under 18s and 21s before becoming Alex Ferguson’s assistant coach during the Mexico World Cup in 1986.

Later that year, he joined Graeme Souness at Ibrox to become a glittering 12-years at Ibrox. He won three league titles and four League Cup medals as a key role in the Souness regime, an era dubbed ‘The Rangers Revolution.’

When the legend left Glasgow to join his beloved Liverpool, Sir David Murray gave Smith the first managerial post of his career.

Legendary Walter Smith, an Ibrox Icon

The legend kept the momentum going after Souness’s leave and reached the trophy milestone during a glorious 1996-1997 season that made humble Walter an Ibrox icon.

The Ibrox icon left Rangers after Celtic reached the 1998 league title and one month after that worked as the manager of Everton, where he remained for the following four years.

He left in the wake of a demoralizing FA Cup defeat against Middlesbrough in 2002 and the risk of relegation from England’s top effort.

A short time at Manchester United followed where he was joined with pal Sir Alex Ferguson before returning home to manage the national team in 2004.

He couldn’t resist the urge to return to Ibrox in 2007 when the call came leading the Gers to the title for three years on the trot before the club’s 54th top effort gong under his belt.

  • Smith managed Gers to:
  • nine top-flight titles
  • five Scottish Cups
  • six League Cups
  • one UEFA Cup runners-up medal
  • but losing the final in Manchester to Zenit St Petersburg in 2008
The rumor of Walter Smith's death is circulating in social media

Walter Smith boosted the Scotland team out of the doldrums, but they fell agonizingly short of qualifying for The World Cup in 2008. However, a memorable 1-0 win over reigning champs France at Hampden Park was a massive moment.

Reactions to Walter Smith’s Death

Several fans, friends, and supporters reacted and stated their condolences on social media websites following this tragic news.

Rangers Football Club confirmed his death news, writing: “It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of our former manager, chairman and club legend, Walter Smith.”

Jack McConnell tweeted: “On every level I admired Walter Smith and enjoyed his company. A fantastic manager and truly nice human being. I am privileged to have known him. Sympathy for his family today.”

One fan wrote: “The saddest news today for all Rangers fans. A true and proper great of the football club and an absolute gentleman. Thoughts and condolences to his wife and family. Rest in peace Walter Smith.”

Another wrote on Twitter: “Sir Walter Smith was liked on both sides of the divide and tells you everything about the man, top class man. He give all of us outstanding memories so many to think of RIP SIR WALTER SMITH.”

Please kindly scroll down and use the comment box to share your feelings about the heartbreaking news for tributes and prayers. Please keep in mind that the family needs privacy; please respect them during this difficult time.

We are eagerly waiting to get your words if you have more information. More information will be updated as we receive it. You can follow more information about celebrities, including their death, relationships, crimes, and all trending news about celebrities, on the celebrity news section.

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  1. Billy Blue March 13, 2021

    Unfortunately, I think this is a very poor article. Written only to attract clicks to your page and website.

    Writing an article based on tweets and here say is weak and disrespectful to the person and the family.

    You should wait until you have solid information and then write a good blog.

    1. USdayNEWS March 13, 2021

      We ultimately update our articles, and if you kindly refresh the page, you can see that we have used reliable and trusted sources and tweets like the Rangers’ club tweet about the legend’s health condition.


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