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Secret Behind Cesar Millan’s Junior’s Cause of Death is Private


The story behind Cesar Millan’s Junior’s cause of death has not been revealed after the Mexican-American dog trainer announced on YouTube that he lost his best friend, pitbull Junior.

He confirmed the heartbreaking news in a video on Youtube, saying, “This is a video honoring my best friend, Junior Millan. Thank you for 15 years of Trust, Respect, and Love. We love you and miss you so much already. Rest in Peace, Junior Millan.”

In the video, the heartbroken Cesar noted that pitbull Junior died on July 21. We offer our deepest sympathy to Cesar Millan and his fans, who had followed the dog story for years.

The story behind Cesar Millan's Junior's cause of death has not been revealed
Junior Milan and Cesar Millan together. May he rest in paradise.

César Felipe Millán Favela was born August 27, 1969, to Felipe Millán Guillen and María Teresa Favela in rural Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico; he is now well-known as a Mexican-American dog trainer with more than two decades of canine experience.

He is mostly remembered for his Emmy-nominated TV series Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, aired from 2004 to 2012 in over 80 countries worldwide.

As one of the New York Times best-selling authors, he has his own line of dog products and instructional DVDs. Besides The Dog Whisperer series, Millan focused on training harshly aggressive dogs, founding a rehab complex, the Dog Psychology Center, from 2002 to 2008.

Millan’s grandfather, Teodoro Millán Ángulo, was a tenant farmer, so their connection with animals was so notable; Due to his natural way with dogs, he was named el Perrero, “the dog herder.” Cesar moved to Mazatlán and his family and later illegally crossed the border into the US when he was 21.

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What’s Cesar Millan’s Junior’s Cause of Death?

Although the dog trainer said about the late pitbull’s legacy, memories, and people’s love, he did not mention how the dog lost his life while shocked fans want to know about Cesar Millan’s Junior’s cause death.

Like most teen dogs, Cesar Millan’s Junior grew up. He became a calm, confident, and a quite well-traveled dog who always follows Cesar at personal shows and as part of “Cesar Live!” appearances and other performances. Actually, Junior enjoyed being in front of fans so much that his Daddy had to hold him back until the announcer finished their meeting.

Junior was a gray and white lovely pitbull, always by Cesar Millan’s side. The dog birthday was in August, on the same day as Cesar’s; however, as many of Millan’s fans know, the dog was not the first pit bull to hold the status of “right-hand dog,” having taken on that mantle when Cesar’s former pit bull, Daddy, died on February 19, 2010.

The story behind Cesar Millan's Junior's cause of death has not been revealed
Image source: Hollywood Soapbox

Junior’s story kicked off about two decades when Cesar first met four-month-old Daddy in a studio where Daddy’s ex-owner, the rapper Redman, was involved in his video. Due to his schedule and conditions, Redman felt he could not care for the little dog well, so he tried to find a trainer.

Cesar became that trainer, and Daddy shortly got his new pack, moving in with the Millans. Nevertheless, Daddy had no significant issues; he was a little anxious when he was young since he moved around so much between LA and NJ. After a while, that problem was solved, and Daddy grew up to be his new owner’s right-hand dog.

As Cesar opened up, Daddy did never make a mistake, and nobody saw aggression or any other negative behavior from the dog. He additionally helped in raising Millan’s two sons, and Cesar revealed that he had never had a dog quite like Daddy:

“When my boys, Andre and Calvin, were little, I knew I could leave him to entertain them while I was busy; he helped teach Andre to walk. And when one of the boys fell down, Daddy would be right there, licking him and making sure he was okay.”

Cesar Millan said about Daddy

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Reactions to Death of Junior Milan

Like the death of famous figures, the death of celebrities’ pets is always followed by many reactions.

Many shared their memories with beloved Cesar Millan’s Junior and showed their sadness on social media by posting their heartwarming tributes.

Someone wrote, “Ohhh RIP Junior, I will always remember when you got him, he just ran at your side, so small and falling over, he was sooo cute, 15 years wow, it seems like yesterday I watched those shows with him as a baby. Wonderful memories, Cesar. My thoughts with you and your family friend. Sandra from Scotland.”

Another replied to Cesar’s video, writing, “I’m so sorry for your loss. He will be missed, especially by you and all your fans, as we have watched him grow up on your shows. I feel a loss tonight listening to you talk about Junior. How special he was to you. All the best.”

A fan tweeted, “Everyone knows Cesar Milan in America, including my cat from hell well I am shocked I bet America is to that Cesar Millan‘s partner passed away I know the story about Junior taking Daddy place to help dogs overcome their fears and behaviors how sad rest in peace Junior.”

The story behind Cesar Millan's Junior's cause of death has not been revealed
(Photo credit: © National Geographic Channels)

User Vannesa Dodd wrote, “So incredibly sorry. I know this was hard to video. I couldn’t finish a sence about my boy when he passed without crying. The pain is horrible. I’m happy you have those beautiful memories with him.”

Another announced, “I just read that Junior, Cesar Millan’s pitty, has passed away. He was 15. First of all… how can it be that he was 15?!?!?! He was a puppy playing with Daddy just a minute ago. Sigh. It’s so sad. My condolences to @cesarmillan and family. RIP sweet boy #Junior.”

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More about Cesar Millan’s Pitbull Junior: Age, Legacy, Puppyhood +Gallery

The 15-year-old Junior was the Cesar new dog he had been proposing to choose, although Daddy disagreed. Following he disregarded Cesar’s first few options, he finally came to like a new gray and white puppy.

“Older dogs sometimes just don’t want to deal with an energetic puppy,” Cesar opened up that time, “So I hesitated to stress him out with a young dog… (but) you can’t believe how well it went! The puppy immediately lowered his head, surrendering to the older dog, and allowed Daddy to smell him all over.”

Quickly, the puppy began to follow Daddy around, immediately giving his loyalty from his litter and mother to the calm, the new pitbull, and Daddy accepted him as well.

Junior relaxed at night cuddled up next to Daddy from the first days, and Daddy decided to teach Junior how to be like him. This even covered Daddy educating the puppy on the all-important skills.

The cute puppy easily learned most of Daddy’s teachings, notably taking on Daddy’s calm mellowness, which has always was essential in facing aggressive dogs.

For Cesar’s role, he rarely used words to interact with the new pitbull at first, and then just when he knew that they were on the equivalent non-verbal wavelength. It was when “I saw he was making eye contact and looking to me for direction,” Cesar explains that he would start talking to him.

In this non-verbal training method, Cesar had not yet identified the new puppy, but the blue pit had seen Cesar’s label“Tsch!” command, which indicates “I don’t agree with what you’re doing right now.” He additionally learned the familiar lip-smacking “kiss” sound, meaning “come here!”

As dogs are first animals, then species and breed, then eventually name, truly naming a puppy is not as big a deal as humans sometimes believe, and Millan didn’t require a name for the puppy to be his Pack Leader. Nonetheless, the team of “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan” had used to calling the pup “Daddy, Jr.,” which was quickly reduced to the name we all know now: Junior.

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  1. Katherine Rubino July 30, 2021

    I think people would like to know how junior died

    1. US day News July 31, 2021

      Dear Katherine, there is no official report about Cesar Millan’s pitbull Junior at this time.

    2. Susan Capps August 1, 2021

      He was 15 yrs old (approx 105 in dog yrs).

    3. Wallace November 19, 2021

      I am guessing it wasn’t age related, but something embarrassing to Millan. Possibly another treadmill death.

      1. Diane August 10, 2022

        What an arrogant thing to say. Junior was 15. The likely hood it was age related is close to 100%. All that’s clear here is your disdain of the man.

      2. Kimberleigh McMahon January 1, 2023

        Wallace, I suspect you are correct. Given the last lawsuit and the allegations that Millan knew the dog had aggression issues my guess is that it was a court ordered putting down of the dog, making it all the more tragic and heartbreaking. The fact that cause of death is deliberately omitted suggests he did not die in his sleep or succumb to a health issue. RIP Junior.

        1. John Lee McAdams February 7, 2023

          Neither you or Wallace is correct.

      3. John Lee McAdams February 7, 2023

        Most Pit Bulls only live between 12-15 years old. Junior was on that upper end…Caesar was heartbroken over Junior.and Daddy’s earlier death. He almost quit the dog business after Daddy died. He almost could not go on with his shows, etc.

  2. Chris July 30, 2021

    Junior, you will be missed, RIP. Cesar, I send my respect, love and accept my condolences. I know how hard it is to lose a buddy, as I just lost my pit bull Capone who was very calm like Daddy and Junior, with help from your show.

    1. US day News July 31, 2021

      Thanks a million for your kind comment. We offer our deepest sympathies to Cesar too.

  3. Barbara Vellan July 31, 2021

    Was watching your program on TV and at the end was the RIP for Junior. I remember him as a puppy, can’t believe he was 15, I’m very sad for you and your family!

    1. US day News July 31, 2021

      Dear Barbara, thanks for sharing your heartwarming memory! Yes, Junior was 15 at the time of his passing. May he rest in paradise.

  4. So sorry to hear of your loss of your best buddy. RIP Junior. 😥🙏

    1. US day News July 31, 2021

      Thanks for sharing your tribute! Junior will be dearly missed.

      1. Matt Morrison September 10, 2021

        Screw that shitbull. Yeah sure, in the public dome he seemed like such a great dog and perfect ambassador for the breed. Until you dig a little and find out its mauled a buncha dogs among them queen latifahs. It even mauled her dog to death. Also bit the shit out of some poor gymnasts leg and ended her level 10 Olympic gymnast career. Eff that dog. Should have been put to sleep years ago.

  5. Dean Stanley July 31, 2021

    Cesar and Junior have been an inspiration to me and millions of dog parents. I use Cesar’s methods on my own dogs and they are well behaved, calm and (mostly) submissive. Submissive is still a work in progress, but definitely working.
    Thank you Cesar for your dedication to training people to train dogs. I train weekly in agility with my border collie mix. I was happily surprised to see that any dog, any size can do agility.
    God bless you and your pack. Our condolences on the loss of Junior, a true success and help to all dogs.

    1. US day News August 1, 2021

      Dear Dean, we are so sad to announce such heartbreaking news. Cesar’s methods have helped many others just like you. We send our deepest sympathies to Cesar Millan and all his fans. Thank you for sharing your heartwarming memory.

  6. So sorry to hear of your loss.. i know all to well the feeling as i’ve lost 3 of mine all within a 9 month space. Altho they were old and I knew our time was coming it didn’t make it any easier. I still have 1 other one that is almost 14 1/2 which for a Standard Poodle is up there she’s still doing pretty well. I watched you and Junior from when you got him all through the years. You had 15 great years together and that’s a long time for the larger breeds. I wish ppl would focus on the *life * and the memories we had with them instead of on how they passed. It’s not the passing that is the mark they leave with us it’s the memories

    God Bless you for all you do to help families and their 4 legged family members
    RIP Junior you’ll always be remembered as a true representative of your breed and best friend of the Man you stood beside for 15 amazing years

    1. US day News August 1, 2021

      You’re right. It’s not important how the beloved dog lost his life, but we can instead mention the beautiful moments we had with Cesar Millan and his late pitbull Junior. May the dog rest in paradise.

  7. Jemma August 22, 2021

    Greatest Sympathy 🙏
    What did Junior pass from ?

    1. US day News August 23, 2021

      Although Cesar Millan did not disclose the cause himself, some unofficial sources claim the pitbull suffered from an illness. RIP.

  8. Ursula Leach September 1, 2021

    I saw your video about losing Junior. Last year I too lost Diana a black lab and a year before 2 of her children due to kidney failure. I feel with you. I currently have 4 dogs and I know there will be more heartbreaks to come however I console myself to the fact that they have/had a good life with me. Never in want of love food and water.
    Sometime in 2022/23 I am hoping that I can make a cross country trip and I am hoping that I can visit with Cesar and maybe even get some hints and tips. But mainly I want to meet Cesar. He is an incredible person and I would like for some of this to rub off on me or at least listen to what he has to say about my dogs.

  9. Anonymous September 1, 2021

    who will your next best friend be? i am excited to meet him–you always have incredible dogs

  10. Anna Oster September 11, 2021

    The dog was 15 yrs old and died. It is an event that happens every day around the world. Accept it move on and let the poor man mourn his dog.

    1. US day News November 3, 2021

      Thanks for sharing your comment. The article is only for honoring the beloved dog.

  11. Sharon November 2, 2021

    Rest In Peace Junior, we will all miss you.

  12. Dean and Linda December 3, 2021

    We have Jr’s twin. But our blue nose, Chaos, was 12 in September. The unconditional love that a dog has for his owner is unbelievable. That is the same unconditional love we all should have for our dogs. We felt like we were part of Daddy’s life as well as Jr’s. We watched them grow. What an inspiration. May they both rest in peace in doggy heaven.

  13. Sylvia Young February 18, 2022

    To Mr. Matt Morrison…your comment tells emphatically of your own personal short comings. Obviously you are incapable of honest and unconditional love. How very sad. When you put yourself in Cesar’s shoes you would understand that training dogs and owners is an incredibly difficult responsibility. Balance that by his success’ and you would understand he was very good at what he does. I’m sure you could not be that good. GOD Bless you Cesar and our hearts go out to you and your family. Some people are simply untrainable and heartless.

  14. Anonymous March 21, 2022

    I watched a lockdown YT vid f Cesar Milan. Junior slowed a lot and was already deaf at the time. It was age.

    1. Karen J Puckett December 19, 2022



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