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Chartering a yacht by Kylie Jenner costs her $1.2 million a week


Chartering a yacht by Kylie Jenner costs her $1.2 million a week. This yacht’s name is Tranquility and it is a 300-foot mega-yacht. but where does Kylie’s money come from? To understand the answer, it is better to take a closer look at Kyle’s life.

Kylie’s secrets of becoming a billionaire

Kylie Jenner, a model, entrepreneur and social networking personality from the United States, is now the youngest billionaire in the world at 21 years old. In the list of the world’s richest people annually, Kailey is known not only as of the world’s youngest billionaire but also as the youngest self-made billionaire in history. But what was the secret to his success?

Chartering a yacht by Kylie Jenner costs her $1.2 million a week
Image: people.com

Social media

Of course, she knows how to use social media correctly. Kylie knows when to post, how to post when to respond to users and other rumors, and when to keep quiet. For example, she told her users she was pregnant but did not release any photos until her child was born. It was only after childbirth that she showed a video of her six months pregnant. This video was definitely exciting for people who had been waiting for her pregnancy photos for a long time. So she got a lot of likes and got some great reactions.

She became independent at the age of 15

As a teenager, Kylie Jenner preferred to be independent. Since she began working at the age of 15, her family has been responsible for the cost of her life since that year. At the same time, it made her one of the most successful entrepreneurs and self-made billionaires in the world at the age of 20. She even once acknowledged herself: “All my money came from my own efforts, not family inheritance. My family told me I had to think about making money myself. They taught me how to spend or save money. “Although I had the capital needed to get started, I can claim that my capital was entirely the result of my own efforts.”

He has been under the support of Chris Jenner

Kris Jenner was a good supporter not only for her children but also for her wife. Nowhere did he leave them. Kylie Jenner’s mother financially supported her until her teens. Throughout her teens, she worked with various clothing brands, including Topshop, Steve Madden, Sugar Factory, with the support and encouragement of her mother. In addition, it was thanks to the reality TV series keeping up with the Kardashians that he became known worldwide and gained popularity even before he began her career

One of the characteristics of the Kardashian family is being contentious. Of course, they themselves like to be center of attention. Kylie Jenner is a member of this family too. she is full of controversies.

Chartering a yacht by Kylie Jenner costs her $1.2 million a week. By the way, add to that the cost of fuel and at least a 30% gratuity for the crew of 29. Insane of so many levels, but there are other boats that give her’s a run of her money.

Kylie Jenner is currently celebrating her 22nd birthday on board the 91.5-meter superyacht Tranquility.

The billionaire businesswoman has been spotted beside her boyfriend Travis Scott and Chris Jenner off the beach of Capri in Italy after chartering superyacht Tranquility for her birthday.

Chartering a yacht by Kylie Jenner costs her $1.2 million a week
Image: people.com

On Aug. 7, Kylie and Travis went out for shopping time in the town of Positano, along with cruising aboard a $250 million mega-yacht that rents for $1.2 million a week.

When all this money is only for kylie’s pre-birthday, everyone is waiting to see what Travis gets her as a birthday present.


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