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Chris Evans Playing Piano in Quarantine Drives his Fans Wild!


Chris Evans playing piano in quarantine is driving his followers wild right now. The actor took to his Instagram Story to give fans a taste of yet another talent he possesses.

Chris Evans playing piano in quarantine is driving his followers wild right now.
Image Source: BuzzFeed

As it seems, Ludwig van Beethoven has nothing on the marvel-ous piano talent of the actor Chris Evans. On Tuesday, Nov. 24, the Winter Soldier star took to his Instagram Story to reveal his skills at tickling the ivories.

In the video written, “Learning one of my favorites by Fabrizio Paterlini,” You can see Chris Evans seated at a piano as he played the sequence of notes with both hands, as he is occasionally smirking into the camera.

Captain America’s fans loved the sneak peek into the actor’s hidden game. One Twitter user joked, “Funny how Mozart been real quiet ever since Chris Evans released this.”

Another one made some sharp observations, writing, “I mean many people can play the piano; however, hardly anyone’s doing it like Chris Evans.

“Those smoldering stares into the camera, half-closed eyelids with soothing half-smiles. While his fingers effortlessly tinkle the ivories. Dodger probably blissed out at his front.”

He continued, “Just in case anyone is keeping score, this adorable and sexy video may give the 39-year-old an edge in the battle for the best Chris.”

Chris Evans Playing Piano After Chris Pratt’s Headshot

As followers may remember, last month, screenwriter and television producer Amy Berg began a little buzz on Twitter when she posted headshots of Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Pine.

With the simple caption writing, “One has to go,” the tweet made a craze of conversations and exciting contests of which Chris should be booted, several voting for the Guardians of the Galaxy Chris.

Since the Knives Out star already has the tattoos, the abs, a lovable dog, and an NSFW video hovering around the Internet, you may say, right now, that Chris is leading the race.

Since many people may remember, back in September, the star unexpectedly leaked his own nudes. Chris innocently posted a recorded video of himself playing a game of Heads Up with his family.

However, when the video finished, the camera roll supposedly displayed a picture of his penis. Another of his face was also shown with the text, “guard that p—y.”

Although the video was removed immediately, the cost was done. The star then leaned into the chaos he made. The following day, he tweeted, writing, “Now that I have your attention …. VOTE Nov. 3!!!” Now that’s one way of getting people to the votes.

Best Chris Battle of the Hollywood Chrises

Over the weekend, Twitter was humming about who the best Chris was in Hollywood, including Captain America star Chris Evans to Chris Hemsworth to Chris Pine. It’s starting to feel a lot like Chris-mas.

Well, this is how it all started. Screenwriter and television producer Amy Berg posted headshots of Chris Evans, Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, and Chris Hemsworth.

“One has to go,” she simply wrote in her now-viral post on Saturday, Oct. 17. Soon after her tweet, the heated topic spread like wildfire, with several desiring to give the Guardians of the Galaxy star the boot.

A user from Twitter joked, noting that “Pratt was banished from Chris Island years ago.” Another one commented, writing, “Y’all know the answer is always Pratt,” with someone else Tinkled in, “Pratt can suck it.”

Chris Evans playing piano in quarantine is just something else. Fans were not just thirsting for Captain America getting classic in a comfy sweater. They were getting completely emotional at the pure charm of it all since no man should be this charming.

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