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Sadly, Oscar Nominee Cicely Tyson’s Cause of Death Released


Oscar nominee Cicely Tyson’s cause of death is revealed unofficially. Her manager Larry Thompson announced her death Thursday afternoon.

Award-winning actress, Cicely Tyson died at 96
Image source: TV Insider

Some sources related her death to a long-time heart problem since Cicely was born, doctors predicted she wouldn’t live for more than three months because of a murmur in her heart.

Cicely Tyson, a famed actress for her elegant stage presence and her insistence, sometimes futile on roles that reflected the ability and charm of Black women in America, has died.

According to her recent memoir, she was 87. Public records indicate that she was 96.

Not a long time after the iconic actress’s death was announced, Barack Obama, 59, and Michelle, 57, shared heartwarming messages on their Instagram accounts to honor Tyson and her superior legacy.

Barack Obama posted a photograph of himself standing beside his wife and Tyson and shared a shot of himself awarding the late actress with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016.

Cicely Tyson's death cause is revealed
Image source: Pinterest

Barack said on reflecting the Medal of Freedom ceremony that he and Michelle “were honored” when Cicely came to the White House to receive the honor.

He added she was a pioneer whose legacy couldn’t be measured by her Academy Awards alone but by the barriers she broke and the dreams she made possible.

Barack said in closing out his statement, “We are sending our thoughts and prayers to every member of Cicely’s family and to all of those who loved her. There is comfort in knowing that she will always live on in ours.”

Cicely Tyson’s Cause of Death Announced Unofficially

Some sources announced that she died of indolence. She was the first Black woman who appeared on TV with natural hair, filliping a “not-so-minor revolution” in the young black women’s minds, Ms. magazine reported.

Pioneering Hollywood icon, Cicely Tyson died
Image source: Hello Beautiful

“All Black women needed was some public person to take the first step toward a more positive identification with African beauty, and that person was Cicely Tyson,” Ms. magazine said.

Tyson, New York City native, was a model who appeared on the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar before beginning her screen career.

Tyson received an Oscar nomination for “Sounder,” the 1972 story of a Louisiana sharecropper’s families handling his imprisonment on a series gang for minor theft.

Two years later, she gained two Emmy Awards for playing the lead role in “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman,” a movie that followed a woman’s evolution from 19-year-old slave 110-year-old civil rights activist.

With a career spanning more than 70 years, she had won three Emmy awards and a Tony. Her memoir “Just as I Am” was released on Jan. 26.

“I’m very selective as I have been my whole career about what I do. Unfortunately, I am not the kind of person who works only for money. It has to have some real substance for me to do it,” she said in 2013.

Another Oscar winner died last day, Jan. 27. The versatile Emmy and Oscar Winner, Cloris Leachman died in her sleep on Tuesday night. 

Cloris Leachman's cause of death was revealed after 'Mary Tyler Moore Show' star passed away at the age of 94
US day News

Multiple sources reported Cloris Leachman’s cause of death as natural causes; however, some unofficial reports claim she recently was in a bad health condition because of heart disease. 

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Cicely Tyson Died After Years of Treasure

Donald Bogle wrote “Blacks in American Film and Television,” describing Tyson as a striking figure: slender and intense with the near-the perfect bone structure, magnificent smooth skin, dark influential eyes, which present her as a woman of convictions and commitment.

Her performance provoked rave reviews, and Tyson won an Academy Award nomination for best actress in 1972.

After being successful in “Sounder” and “Miss Jane Pittman,” Cicely continued to seek TV roles.

The Academy Honorary Award winner complained in an interview, saying that Black actresses have played so many negative prostitutes and drug addicts and housemaids. “I won’t play that kind of characterless role anymore, even if I have to go back to starving.”

During recent years, she was part of a panel discussion for “Cherish the Day,” an eight-episode anthology series produced and organized by Ava DuVernay.

A Brief Biography of Cicely Tyson, an Academy Awards Winner

Tyson’s parents moved from Nevis’s island in the Caribbean to New York, where Cicely was born in 1924. When her parents divorced, her mother went on welfare.

Cicely sold shopping bags on East Harlem streets when she was nine years old. Her striking looks prompted friends to encourage her to take up modeling, leading to theater, acting schools, movies, and television.

The Sounder star told an interviewer in 1990, “My mother told me I could no longer live in her house because I was determined to be an actress. I said OK, and I moved out.”

The Black actress was married to jazz great Miles Davis. Their wedding was held in 1981 at Bill Cosby’s house in Greenfield, Massachusetts. However, they divorced in 1988.

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