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Legendary Director Lynn Stalmaster’s Cause of Death Unknown


The Academy Award winner, Lynn Stalmaster’s cause of death, is still behind shadows, after he died Friday morning, February 12, 2021, at his home in Los Angeles, as Laura Adler of the Casting Society of America revealed for sources. RIP

The Academy Award winner, Lynn Stalmaster's cause of death, is still behind shadows.

Lynn Stalmaster, the wary casting director who launched corresponding unknowns Dustin Hoffman for The Graduate, John Travolta for Welcome Back, Kotter, and Christopher Reeve for Superman, left us.

After Stalmaster received his honorary Oscar, he stated that the key to his victory was keeping an open mind. The man added that ‘Open’ is one of his favorite words. Because, as he has mentioned many times, people never know where or when they will find the key to cast apart. And he has found the answer in some extraordinary places.”

On The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) of Norman Jewison, the heist standard that starred Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway, Lynn Stalmaster became the very first casting director to obtain a single-card credit in the titles.

Less than a day before, the last five-time champion of the late Alex Trebek’s era of “Jeopardy!” died on February 5, 2021, at age 24. Brayden Smith’s cause of death has not been published.

Lynn Stalmaster’s Cause of Death is Doubtful

Although the legendary director was 93 years old, there was no news about being sick or having any kind of health problems. So, people wonder if there is a story behind Lynn Stalmaster’s death.

Stalmaster got his very first job in the entertainment business as an actor, performing in the war movies The Flying Leathernecks (1951) and The Steel Helmet (1951).

He also appeared in the TV series Big Town; however, he soon became interested in the same show’s casting department. Mr. Stalmaster confirmed himself soon as a solid casting director, attaining constant work in both television and motion pictures.

His name, Lynn Stalmaster, grew well known notably to cinema-goers of the 1970s while he was attributed with casting over 60 movies of the decade, among them;

  • Fiddler on the Roof
  • Harold and Maude
  • The Cowboys
  • Deliverance
  • Rollerball
  • Silver Streak
  • Black Sunday
  • Coming Home
  • Convoy
  • The Rose
  • Superman
  • Being There

The Casting Society of America started honoring entertainment experts with the Lynn Stalmaster Award for Career Achievement in 2018. Recipients include Laura Dern, Annette Bening, and Geena Davis.

On the same day, we found out that former Syracuse TV reporter Katherine Creag’s cause of death is still behind shadows following she suddenly passed away Wednesday night (Feb. 10) at the age of 47, when the heartbreaking news was confirmed Thursday. RIP.

Things to Know About Legendary Casting Director Lynn Stalmaster

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Stalmaster was Irvin A. and Estelle Lapidus Stalmaster’s son in a Jewish family. His father was one of the first people of Jewish descent and the youngest person elected to the District Court of Nebraska.

The man was further active in the local Jewish community working as president of the Omaha B’nai B’rith. Lynn Stalmaster served Dundee Elementary School, Omaha’s Dundee–Happy Hollow Historic District.

His family relocated to Beverly Hills, California, in 1938, where he accompanied Beverly Hills High School. Lynn overcame his nervousness by performing in high school and college. Following serving in the U.S. Army, he obtained a Master of Arts in Theater Arts in 1952 from the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television.

Stalmaster got married twice, and both closed in a divorce; first to Gloria McGough in 1956, and second to Shirley A. Alexander from 1962 to 1972; they had two children: born in 1966 son, Lincoln, and daughter, Lara.

For John Boorman’s Deliverance (1972), Mr. Stalmaster set up a casting note at a Georgia elementary school. He noticed Billy Redden play the quirky youth in the movie’s fantastic banjo scene. And he recommended that Ned Beatty (making his film debut) perform one of the businessmen who perceives that critical canoe trip below the river.

World Reacts to Superman Director Lynn Stalmaster’s Passing

Sharon Bialy, casting director, reacted to Stalmaster’s loss, writing on Twitter: “RIP #LynnStalmaster- a pioneer in casting – he blazed the trails for us all and did it with taste, dignity, and talent.” she added, “He was so kind to those of us starting out. He left a legacy of how to be a caring, considerate and dedicated #CastingDirector. Love to his family”

“As a kid, wrote a letter to MS Lynn Stalmaster about how right I was for a part.” Actor Willie Garson shared on Twitter, “He called me in when they came to NY, with such kindness and support. Taught me about the partnership between actor and Casting director, the most valuable lesson ever. Godspeed MR Stalmaster. RIP.”

“Lynn Stalmaster kept putting Christopher Reeve’s headshot at the top of the pile during the casting of ‘Superman the Movie’.” a user shared, “Without Lynn, we may have never believed a man could fly. Rest In Peace.”

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