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Rapper Double K’s Cause of Death Possibly Relates to Foul Play


Rapper of People Under The Stairs Passes Away, Double K’s cause of death is under investigation after he passed away at the age of 43 on Saturday evening (Jan. 30). Rest in power Double K.

Rapper of People Under The Stairs Passes Away, Double K's cause of death is under investigation
Image source: Daily Star

Double K or better known as Michael Turner’s death news was not yet confirmed by reps for the musician but the rapper’s fans have flooded social media with tributes.

Double K and MC Thes One formed people PUTS in 1991 that achieved plenty of critical acclaims while releasing nine albums along with a multitude of songs and singles. Many of their more heralded songs such as “Acid Raindrops,” “San Francisco Knights” and “The L.A. Song.”

Nevertheless, PUTS ended its formal run with the publicity of their last album, The P two years ago. Fans and peers have been expressing their sadness since the news of Double K’s death revealed.

Rumors of Rapper Double K’s Cause of Death are so Mixed

Although Double K’s cause of death is unknown at this time, there some unofficial reports that claim he died from an overdose while some unknown social media users believe he was killed in a foul play; However no official confirmation.

Good to know he died at home, and DJ Mark Luv, a friend, claimed he died in his sleep. 

Double K was famous for appearing in the opening montage for The Simpsons 20th Anniversary special. Born in 1977, Michael Turner kicking off his career after producing for People Under The Stairs.

He continued his work with the likes of Blvme and Kidd Lexus. In 1996 he teamed up with Murs to produce his debut track Red Dots. Double K recorded an album with breakbeat pioneer Dooley O however, it was never released; The record was called Double-O Project.

Social Media Reactions to Double K’s Passing

Rapper Double K also is best known as one-half of the legendary hip-hop duo People Under the Stairs. The news first led to a shock wave on social media as many of his fans mourned the heartbreaking death.

One fan tweeted: “Rest In Peace to #DoubleK from #PeopleUnderTheStairs. Just saw the sad news that homie has transitioned. Thank you for your service, King” He added “yet another reminder at how precious life is. Please show appreciation and give roses to your peoples while they’re still here to enjoy them.”

One of his supporters continued: “Man….this s*** is crazy.

American journalist Dana Scott from Phoenix, Arizona reacted to the news by tweeting: “I first met Double K in 2003 on the CaliComm Tour in Boston, same night JMJ died.”

“He and Thes One were really cool cats to chill with and had them on my Musenomix.”

He added: “People Under The Stairs released 14 albums in 21 years. Amazing stage show and legacy. Mid-City LA was lovely by Double K. I’ll Never forget how we laughed about Thes One winning that couch on The Price Is Right from Bob Barker.”

More about Double K’s Bio

Double K was born on August 1, 1977, Double K is the first cousin of famous LA producer Computer Jay.

He produced the very first solo song by Murs called ‘Red Dots’. A shared passion for vinyl brought him close to Thes One when they were just 16 years old. Their paths crossed at a Los Angeles record store in 1996 but they never intended to become partners. 

Raised in West LA and attended Hamilton. Meanwhile, Thes grew up in San Pedro and went to Loyola High School. When their paths first crossed, they were already producing their own tracks.

It was a competition to opt who was superior that made them understand they were like one unit soul. An LA Times feature explains, “After both of them had played a track, they realized they’d make better teammates than rivals.”

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  1. Family Member March 23, 2022

    This is a whole year later but he didn’t die of an overdose and there was no foul play. Y’all are wild.


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