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Father Michael Pfleger’s Sexual Abuse Led him to Leave Ministry


Michael Pfleger’s sexual abuse led him to leave the ministry following an allegation of child abuse more than 40 years ago.

Michael Pfleger is accused of sexual child abuse
Image source: Chicago Sun-Times

Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Church on the South Side steps aside from his works after being accused of sexual abuse of a child.

The announcement was made Tuesday by Cardinal Blasé Cupich, who asked father Pfleger to step aside from ministry while an investigation continues.

Cupich said Pfleger has agreed to accept his request to step aside and that he will live away from the parish while the accusation is investigated.

At this time, Father Thulani Magwaza will serve as the temporary administrator of Saint Sabina Parish and serve the parish and school community’s needs.

The sinful father has become widely known for his activities against violence in Chicago during these 40 years. He has been the subject of controversy, criticizing rap musicians he called glorified violence in their music.

Father Michael Pfleger is accused of sexual abuse
Image source: The Faith Community of Saint Sabina

Pfleger, 70, took a leave of absence from St. Sabina after criticizing then-Sen. Hillary Clinton during the Democratic presidential primary season in 2008. After then-Sen Barack Obama criticized his words, Pfleger apologized and took a disciplinary leave of absence from the church.

Francis Cardinal George also suspended the accused father in 2011. The suspension continued for approximately one month, and his suspension was lifted in May 2011.

Michael Pfleger’s Sexual Abuse of a Child

“It is crucial that you know nothing is more important than the welfare of the children entrusted to our care,” Cupich said in a statement adding that the Archdiocese of Chicago takes all allegations of sexual offense seriously and encourages anyone who feels they have been sexually abused by a deacon, priest, religious or lay employee to come forward.

In the following days and weeks, members of the archdiocese’s office for the Protection of Children and Youth will be available to respond to you and support you during this challenging time.

The church asked Chicago residents and parishioners to remember that the claims about abuse “have not been proven as true or false,” and not to feel guilt or innocence in the case.

You must know nothing is more important than the security of the children. The Archdiocese of Chicago takes all cases of sexual misconduct seriously.

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