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Legendary Gregory Sierra’s Cause of Death; Longtime Disease


American actor Gregory Sierra’s cause of death is reported as longtime cancer. How many of our dear and beloved celebrities do we have lost for the sake of cancer since the beginning of 2021? The legendary star of “Barney Miller” passed away at age 83 on January 4, Laguna Woods, California.

Longtime character actor who performed in television shows and movies, most prominently on “Barney Miller” and “Sanford & Son,” American actor Gregory Sierra did not survive his long battle with cancer.

A New York native, Sierra’s discovery came when he was appointed as the Puerto Rican neighbor, Julio Fuentes, to Redd Foxx‘s Fred Sanford on sitcom television series “Sanford and Son.”

Following he left that series, Sierra performed one of the original investigators working out of the diverse 12th Precinct, Greenwich Village on ABC’s “Barney Miller.” After the second season, he was penned out of the series to star in a sitcom about a frantic emergency room, “A.E.S. Hudson Street,” but it endured just six episodes.

Gregory also performed in “Archie Is Branded” as a radical Jewish vigilante, a 1973 episode of CBS‘ “All in the Family,” wherein somebody paints a swastika on Archie’s door. This episode, which drops in silence, was amongst the most remarkable of the long-running series.

merican actor Gregory Sierra's cause of death is also reported as longtime cancer.

We offer our deepest condolences to Sierra’s family and friends. He was such a great man and would remain in mind. RIP

Unfortunately, the great early rock singer Jimmie Rodgers’ cause of death has been revealed since the man passed away at the age of 87 on Jan. 18 in Palm Desert.

Gregory Sierra’s Cause of Death Confirmed By His Widow

Sierra’s widow, Helene Tabor, announced Saturday in a phone interview with a source that the actor passed away on January 4 in Laguna Woods.

“He was quite wonderful, and my heart is broken into 400 million pieces,” stated his wife, Helene. She revealed that cancer persisted for quite a while, and Gregory was doing the best he could and just wasn’t able to do it anymore.

Sierra expressed himself about Barney Miller in an interview for the 1976 book TV Talk 2: Exploring TV Territory.

“I think Barney Miller is much more real than any other cop show,” he said, “The people in the show have real problems.” The actor replied that Kojak never worried. He knew he’s got it made. Everything was always under control on the show. It was not possible to see the frustrations of police work or joking among real police officers. As Sierra mentioned, those were the kinds of things they showed on Barney Miller.

In 1980, Gregory Sierra met ABC’s Soap’s cast in his one season task as Carlos’ El Puerco’ Valdez. Moreover, he appeared as a constant in two other TV series named comedy Zorro and Son, 1983, and scki-fi drama Something is Out There, 1988.

American Star Gregory Sierra's Cause of Death is Longtime Cancer.

Former Denver Broncos offensive tackle passed away a day ago; despite Sierra’s cause of death, the two-time Super Bowl champion, Tony Jones’ cause of death is not revealed yet. The former American football player was 54.

Born on January 25, 1937, Spanish Harlem, Gregory served the Cathedral College of the Immaculate Conception, Brooklyn. After school, the man operated with the National Shakespeare Company and began getting bit parts in television and financing roles in movies like “Beneath the Planet of the Apes,” “Papillon,” “Getting Straight,” and “The Towering Inferno” in the New York Shakespeare Festival ere moving to Los Angeles.

He held recurring roles in multiple television shows, such as “Miami Vice,” “Hill Street Blues,” and “Murder, She Wrote,” and performed in a slew of other series.

Fans React to Gregory Sierra’s Loss

Edward James Olmos, “Miami Vice” star, tweeted that he read the story of Sierra’s death and mourned. “Gregory Sierra will forever be with us,” Edward composed. “Those that knew him. His laughter. His wit. His kindness. His extraordinary artistic ability. He was a friend, a Mentor, a force of nature that I was so grateful to have known & worked with. RIP.”

“Sad to hear Gregory Sierra of ‘Sanford and Son’ and ‘Barney Miller’ had passed away.” a user tweeted, “He was best known for his role as Julio Fuentes on ‘Sanford and Son.’ Then he played Sgt. Miguel Chano Amanguale on ‘Barney Miller.’ He will be missed. #GregorySierra #SanfordAndSon #BarneyMiller”

“Growing up I remember seeing two Latinos regularly on television.” a fan wrote, “Desi Arnaz and Gregory Sierra. I liked “Sanford and Son.” I loved “Barney Miller.” And I always wanted to see more of him. More of everybody. I miss him already. May he Rest In Peace. #GregorySierra”

“Damn. Rest In Peace, sir.” his fan shared, “I watched #GregorySierra’s performances A LOT when I was growing up. Barney Miller, Sanford and Son, Miami Vice. Great actor. A piece of my youth goes with him.”

“Loved Gregory Sierra on Barney Miller.” a user tweeted, “First time I saw him, though, was in the All in the Family episode “Archie is Branded”. Such an incredible half-hour of television. Gosh, he was something. #GregorySierra #AllintheFamily #BarneyMiller”

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