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How can Prince Andrew’s link with Epstein be explained?


Buckingham Palace could not explain the photograph and Prince Andrew’s link with Epstein never. The photo of a middle-aged Prince Andrew, Duke of York with an arm around the naked waist of Virginia. The photo is about when she was 17. Virginia declares Jeffrey Epstein paid her to have sex with the prince. How can Prince Andrew’s link with Epstein be explained?

when the image first surfaced in 2015, it caused scandalous headlines for the royal family along with an array of serious allegations of sexual misconduct.

Andrew is the brother of Prince Charles. British tabloids called him  “Randy Andy” for a long time. He has rejected having any sexual relations with Roberts.

Prince Andrew's link with Epstein be explained
Image: mirror.co.uk

But after police arrested Epstein July 6 on federal charges of sex trafficking in minors in Florida and New York, this old gossip for Prince Andrew comes back.

When these charges were brought to Epstein, it was as if all of those charges were also brought to those who were somehow linked to him.

After Epstein’s death, which the federal claims his death was a suicide, all charges remain those around him. Now the Duke of York may be the highest-profile member of Epstein’s circle from the time of the charges facing him.

Newly published legal documents by lie suit, not only emphasized old management but also surfaced earlier charges of unfitting management.

According to the evidence, Giuffre says she was “trafficked” to Prince Andrew to have sex three times. Her Lawyers also say the flight logs prove Giuffre, Maxwell, and Epstein flying to London on Epstein’s individual plane. 

Lawers uses Andrew’s photograph with Giuffre and Maxwell, which is in the documents, corroborates their claims.

U. S. officials have pledged to continue their investigation into Epstein’s crimes. Their investigations include identifying the culprit’s accessories and even those who knew of their crimes. Can the results of the investigation lead to Andrew’s conviction?

Whether American officials could indicate a British royal on charges of sexual abuse of a minor girl or not?crimes? can his defendant execute his under New York law Wednesday, allowing defendants to pursue their defendants’ abuses in civil court, regardless of their alleged offenses?

“The new New York’s Child Victims Act gives accusers one year to file civil lawsuits even if the claims were previously barred by the prior statute of limitations,” states Court TV lead anchor Vinnie Politan.

“In this case that would open the door for any allegations against Prince Andrew. It doesn’t mean (plaintiffs) would necessarily win, but they would not be automatically dismissed because they were filed too late.”, he adds.

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When did Andrew’s link with Epstein begin?

According to British media reports, the two have been friends for over two decades and their relationship has not been a superficial one. Their relationship has often been quoted as proof of Andrew’s poor judgment and may have contributed to the end of Andrew’s 2011 role as British business envoy, a job he loved and enjoyed for about 10 years.

The Guardian states that Andrew met Epstein in the 1990s after Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the late British media mogul Robert Maxwell introduced Andrew. She was Epstein’s girlfriend and employee at the time and has been involved in Epstein’s alleged trafficking activities as one of his supposed “recruiters.” 

Andrew’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York acknowledged that Epstein had lent her money to pay off her debts during one of her past monetary crises.

According to the Telegraph, she apologized for the “enormous error of judgment”. She also said that she is personally sorry for Jeffrey Epstein for engaging with her in any way, on behalf of herself.

It isn’t clear yet who the accusers were in the charges revealed last month by the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York. Nor is it clear whether these are the same accusers involved in the Florida sex-crimes case in which Epstein was sentenced in 2008.

Giuffre, 35, has declared about Andrew and Epstein in early 2015, Epstein and his staff made her “sex slaves” and paid him, at age 17, for having sex with Andrew and his other wealthy friends.

Nevertheless, She made these allegations, that Andrew himself and by Buckingham Palace emphatically rejected, in court documents filed in December 2014. However, the judge in the case ruled in April 2015 that her claims about Andrew were “immaterial and impertinent” to her case and he ordered them to delete from the record.

All ambiguities, in this case, will be solved if police promulgate the conclusion of investigations.

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