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Truth of Syracuse TV Reporter Katherine Creag’s Cause of Death


Former Syracuse TV reporter Katherine Creag’s cause of death is clarified after she suddenly passed away Wednesday night (Feb. 10) at the age of 47, while the heartbreaking news was confirmed Thursday. RIP.

Best known for her unique voice and lovely laugh, Kat Creag died unexpectedly; she was in good health condition and working as recently as Wednesday morning, just hours before her passing, based on the TV station reported.

We recently were curious about another famous reporter Terez Paylor’s cause of death who passed away on February 9, 2021. Before knowing about it we now lost another popular reporter! So sad.

Born in Manila, Philippines on December 26, 1973, she worked at CBS 5 (WTVH) in Syracuse above 15 years ago, before it joined NBC 3 (WSTM) to become CNY Central.

“This is just so sad. I had the pleasure of working with this wonderful lady when she was just beginning her career at WTVH,” Assignment Editor of WSYR-TV Newschannel 9, Lou Gulino posted on Facebook, writing, “she was bright, hard-working, and just a pleasure to be around. It is so heartbreaking knowing that she leaves three young children behind.”

“She died from an undisclosed medical condition”


Also many knows her du to her reports for “Today in New York” which airs from 4:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. and again at 11 a.m.

What we Know about Katherine Creag’s Cause of Death

At this time, Katherine Creag’s cause of death has been announced as a sudden cardiopulmonary condition, although some unofficial reports claimed there was an accidental OD.

She died from an undisclosed medical condition, it was what Wikipedia believed.

“This one hurts,” former WTVH news producer Ryan Fisher, who served with Creag at Fox 5 in New York continued. “Katherine Creag was just the best. Like just the best… My first memories of Kat are from when I didn’t know her, but I watched her as a reporter in Syracuse, at the station that would later hire me for my first producing job.

He also said: “Even though we never worked together there, it was the foundation for so many ‘familiar’ connections once she arrived in NYC and we met each other in the middle of the night. You better damn believe I’ll be having a drink for you today, Kat. The overnight shift will never, ever be the same without you, anywhere.”

For tributes and prayers, kindly scroll down and use the comment section to express your feelings.

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Who was Katherine Creag? a Short Biography

Katherine Creag’s great energy was always at the center of attention of her colleagues. She also introduces her self as a hard work independent lady, wrote on one of her bios on social media: “Sleep, what’s that?! I go to work when you’re coming home from the club.”

The beloved reporter was in love with good Filipino food, often shouting out whenever a new restaurant had opened for her to try.

Katherine graduate from NYU in 1996 and spent five years at Fox before joining NBC.

Katherine Creag’s Awards

Good to know Creag won or shared in winning several awards including:

She was a supporter of many charities, as well as a faithful and loving mother. His career took her to Dallas, Charlotte, and Syracuse, but she resided in New York City’s Manhattan borough along with her family.

Katherine Creag survivors are Bill Gafner, her husband of 14 years, and her three children including a son and two daughters (Jackson Danger Gafner, Gemma Darling Gafner, and Josephine Dae Gafner).

Creag’s husband, Bill Gafner, works as a financial trader. He has not commented about the heartbreaking news yet. Our thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones.

Reactions to Katherine Creag’s Passing

Kat took her last breath but she is still alive in many hearts; Her friends, colleagues, and fans showed their sadness by sharing their tributes on social media. 

Darlene Rodriguez Remembers Katherine Creag

Two days after her unexpected passing, her friend and colleague Darlene Rodriguez remembered late Kat as “an extraordinary human being” on Friday.

“She was an extraordinary reporter as you all know, and the viewers know, but she was an extraordinary human being,” Rodriguez said about her friend. “As a mom on this shift, I admired her and I was in awe of her because she had three kids and she was all the things that a great mom could be.”

“Kat was a light,” Rodriguez continued. “She had this very special spirit and energy about her. She came into your space, you were just immediately uplifted because no matter what, she was always in a good mood.”

“She was that mom that I think we all love, where she’s at class and she’s doing all the things that the stay-at-home moms do because she was just that supermom who was very present and involved in every aspect of their lives,” Darlene ended her statement with these words, “She never was sweating that small stuff, and I think as a mom and as a working mom, we could appreciate that. She was always happy.”

Her co-workers were heartbroken over the death of Katherine, known as Kat to her co-hosts and viewers. “Kat we love you and cannot believe you’ve left us,” reporter Kirstin Cole said on Twitter. “The morning news teams in NYC are a close bunch of middle-of-the-night risers. You are the kindest and most loving mother and human. I will hold your smile in my heart always.” 

Additionally, CNN journalist Shimon Prokupecz wrote, “Thinking of her lovely family and my former colleagues this morning. She was the most cheery and just happy person.” 

Amy Morris, WNBC’s vice president of news, announced in an email to the staff, “For ten years Kat was one of our cornerstones, always willing to help in any situation, whether it was a colleague in need or a shift that needed to be covered. She was thoughtful, funny and relentless. And even on the toughest days she was a bright light, quick with a kind word and a smile.”

Through the pandemic, Creag had been stationed outside hospitals and was an important member of Ch. 4’s team reporting on the COVID-19 news in NY. On Tuesday, Ch. 4 was awarded its first Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award for a “collection of breaking news, feature, and memorial stories that captured the rapid evolution of the novel coronavirus from public health threat to full-blown health crisis in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut,” based on what the citation said.

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  1. Linda Roberts February 13, 2021

    She was shiny and I loved her for that.

    1. USdayNEWS February 13, 2021

      Undoubtedly she was beautiful and successful. Katherine Creag was a powerful and full of purpose reporter. Are you one of her friends? Or do you know her well? If you have any information about her, we are eagerly waiting for it.

  2. Kagman February 13, 2021

    Accidental overdose is not typical for Philippinos. Someone will dig up the actual cause soon enough. Cause of death/autopsy reports are public record.

    1. USdayNEWS February 14, 2021

      As you mentioned, we should wait for the report of the autopsy. We say what some sources believe; however, we do not confirm non of them! Thanks for commenting.


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