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Lizzo Canceled on Twitter Due to Misogyny and Racism


Lizzo canceled on Twitter due to misogyny and racism. A clip is coming around from January and it shows Lizzo and Harry playing off of each other. Lizzo pretends to grab Harry’s butt which is angering some people.

People are calling out Lizzo for sexualizing Harry as well as her non-consensual behavior. When you watch the clip, you can see that Harry attempts to grab her right back. Obviously , the system has experimented but nonetheless, there’s drama.

Lizzo defended against backlash for sex jokes on Harry Styles.
LOS40 Chile

The 32-year-old singer has been involved in too many subjects, from facing countersuit over Truth Hurts credits to getting called of sharing pictures of her bareback on social media.

For the past few days, Lizzo has become the latest subject of Twitter with fans trending hashtag #LizzoIsOverParty after a few old comments that she made about the K-Pop band, BTS and Harry Styles on the Internet.

The trend has broken the Internet as collecting a wide spread of reactions. While some are convicting Lizzo, her fans are saying the cancel culture is targeting her because she is a Black woman who has well-established herself in the music trade.

Lizzo cancelled, trending hashtag #LizzoIsOverParty

Lizzo canceled thanks to misogyny and racism

The ‘Boys’ singer is undoubtedly one of the most vocal celebrities in the industry. Lizzo has never shied away from presenting her view about matters that are recognized too private to be talked about, like her songs.

One agitated fan wrote “Just say you hate plus size black woman and leave. Lizzo literally just be minding her business and people always have a problem with that #LizzoIsOverParty.”

Another fan wrote, “Not this again why y’all mad a successful black woman got closer to your fav then you ever will. Harry loves her and they’re obviously friends get a life #LizzoIsOverParty”

In 2019, Lizzo was harshly criticized by BTS fans for her comments regarding the K-pop boy band’s song ‘Boy With Luv’, she said, “Now I know why people sleep outside in tents for days. That was sexy. That was sexual, actually.”

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