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American Singer Mark Kozelek Accused of Sexual Misconduct


Warning; this news includes sexual concept: American singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Mark Kozelek accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women after they opened up about their experiences of non-consensual sex with the singer.

Mark Kozelek, best known as the vocalist artist of the indie folk act Sun Kil Moon, exposed himself without consent, forced a woman to touch his penis, and a 19-year-old into non-consensual sex, according to what sources reported Pitchfork.

Los Angeles mental health specialist, Sarah Catherine Golden, explained that after talking with Kozelek following a Portugal Sun Kil Moon show in November of 2017, he put her on the guestlist for another show.

Mark Kozelek Accused of sexual misconduct after victims’ reports

In a shocking report she claims after the show, they had a conversation backstage and backed to Mark Kozelek hotel room, where she says she rejected his request for her to “lie down with him and stay the night.” when she didn’t accept her shamelessly request, “his whole demeanor just changed.”, she said.

According to Pitchfork, she maintains that he then got up, pushed the beds together, and laid down on top of her. “At that point, I was kind of in shock,” she added. “I told him I really needed to get a cab, if he could please just call for it.” Kozelek called for the cab. After the call, she claims, he began masturbating, as well as grabbing at her body and clothes and trying to kiss her. At one point, he forcibly pulled her hand into contact with his penis, she says. She fled to the cab, which took her to her Airbnb. She thought about calling the police, “but I didn’t know how to do that. I don’t speak Portuguese,” she states.

Other victims of Mark Kozelek’s sexual misconduct

Sarah is not the only woman who has dark experiences with Mark Kozelek, but another woman, who was named by the pseudonym “Andrea,” declares Kozelek forced himself to her without her permission in September of 2014, in a hotel room (same as Sarah) in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Third victim, a female musician who requested to remain unnamed, told that Kozelek behaved inappropriately after inviting her and a fellow musician to his hotel room after a 2014 festival.

Although Pitchfork made many requests for comments to Kozelek and his agents, none of which were answered.

What we should know about Mark Kozelek life?

He was born January 24, 1967, is an American singer and occasional actor.

Born and raised in Massillon, Ohio, Kozelek was interested in music as a child. Upon meeting drummer Anthony Koutsos in Atlanta, Georgia, the pair moved to San Francisco, California, and formed Red House Painters alongside guitarist Gorden Mack and bass guitarist Jerry Vessel. Signing with record label 4AD, the band released four studio albums to critical acclaim.

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