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Top Officials, Gov. Rick Snyder’s Flint Michigan Water Crisis


Former Gov. Rick Snyder’s Flint Michigan water crisis got him and other top officials in trouble as they are going to be charged regarding this crisis.

Rick Snyder's Flint Michigan water crisis got him and other top officials in trouble.
Image Source: Booth Newspapers

According to The Associated Press Tuesday, former Michigan Gov. and other top late state officials, which includes the Michigan health director, will face charges resulting from an investigation into the Flint crisis.

According to the AP, the state lawyer general’s office notified defense attorneys to expect a primary court appearance soon, citing two people familiar with the prosecution.

The two sources familiar with the subject spoke to the wire service on the state of anonymity since they were not allowed to speak publicly about the official’s charges.

“Any charges would be meritless. Coming from an administration that claims to be above partisan politics, it is deeply disappointing to see pure political motivation driving charging decisions.”

According to a spokesperson for Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, the office was not in a position to comment on any details of the team’s ongoing investigation; however, they are working diligently.

Rick Snyder’s Flint Michigan Water Charges Not Confirmed

Snyder’s attorney, meanwhile, noted in a statement that the Michigan Attorney General’s Office of Special Counsel has not agreed to share information regarding these charges.

It is an implication that a public relations smear campaign is a higher priority than any official lawful action. “It is unreasonable to think any criminal charges would be filed against Gov. Rick Snyder,” said Brian Lennon, who is a partner at Warner Norcross and Judd in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Lyon’s attorney could not instantly be reached for comment. The scandal started in 2014 when a state-appointed manager for the majority-Black city of Flint changed its water supply to the Flint River as a cost-saving measure.

The move caused lead to leach from the pipes, and some researchers have also connected it to a deadly Legionnaires disease disorder in Genesee County that killed at least 12 people.

For years, the question has been what Snyder knew about Flint’s tainted water, and when he knew it. Snyder apologized in 2016 after residents admonished him for being dangerously slow to act.

According to The Detroit News last month, a criminal investigation into the Flint crisis was leading to its conclusion. Officials obtained search warrants for state-owned mobile devices from gov. Snyder and 66 other current and former officials in Michigan in 2019, according to the AP.

Lyon Charged Following Flint Water Crisis

The water was not treated to decrease corrosion, which was a harmful decision affirmed by state regulators, which caused lead to leach from old pipes and spoil the distribution system used by nearly 100,000 citizens.

The accident made Flint a nationwide symbol of governmental mismanagement, with citizens lining up for bottled water and parents worrying that their children had suffered permanent harm.

The Flint water was highlighted by some as an example of environmental crime and racism, and bacteria in the water was blamed for a disorder of Legionnaires.

Legionella bacteria can appear through misting and cooling systems, triggering a critical form of pneumonia, particularly in people with weakened immune systems. Officials counted at least 90 cases in Genesee County.

The outbreak was confirmed by the former gov. Snyder and Lyon back in January 2016, although Lyon admitted that he knew that cases were being announced many months earlier.

Rick Snyder's Flint Michigan water crisis got him and other top officials in trouble.
Image Source: The Detroit News

Back In 2018, Lyon was ordered to trial on unintentional manslaughter charges after a special prosecutor accused him of failing to timely notify the public about the outbreak. His lawyers argued there was not enough solid information to share earlier with the public.

By June 2019, the whole Flint water investigation was turned upside down. Prosecutors serving under a new attorney general, Dana Nessel, dropped the case against Lyon as well as charges against seven more people and said the probe would start a new one.

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