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Rose Arianna McGowan Sexual Abuse by Alexander Payne


Rose Arianna McGowan’s sexual abuse by Alexander Payne, she has claimed after many years.

Rose McGowan has accused “Sideways” and “The Descendants” director, Alexander Payne, because of a sexual offense in a series of statements that posted to her Twitter account on early Monday.

The 46-year-old actress had tweeted about her alleged conflict with Alexander Payne, 59, where she claims he exhibited sexually inappropriate behavior towards her when she was only 15, and he was 27.

In a tweet, the Charmed actress posted a headshot of herself at 15 and wrote, “I just want an acknowledgment and an apology. I do not want to destroy it.”
Payne has not responded to the McGowan’s tweet. Representatives for Payne and McGowan did not immediately respond.

Rose McGowan was the first woman who publicly accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse and became a prominent voice of the #MeToo movement.

In February, the shamed movie producer, who had sentenced to two separate abuse and sexual assault charges, has refused McGowan’s assertion.

New claim of Rose Arianna McGowan sexual abuse

“Alexander Payne. You sat me down & played a soft-core porn movie you directed for Showtime under a different name,” she wrote. “I still remember your apartment in Silverlake. You are very well-endowed. You left me on a street corner afterward. I was 15.”

McGowan’s new claim appears to match up with a report of a conflict with Ronan Farrow during February 2018.

During the conversation, McGowan said that a powerful man in Hollywood had subjected her to inappropriate sexual behavior.

“You told me that, even long before the Harvey Weinstein incident, you recounted to me that there was a statutory rape by a prominent man in Hollywood,” Farrow said to McGowan.

“He took me home, after he met me, and showed me a soft-porn movie he’d made for Showtime, under a different name, of course. And then he had sex with me,” she remembered during the chat. “And then he left me next to Tropical in Silver Lake, standing on a street corner.”

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Rose Arianna McGowan sexual abuse of the director Alexander Payne is claimed

Alexander Payne handcuffed

Rose McGowan also mentioned that she realized much later after the encounter that it would qualify as a legal abuse declaration.

Rose McGowan reacted to seeing Harvey Weinstein in handcuffs, saying: “It’s ‘a Very Good Feeling.”

She has starred in “Citizen Rose” series, to become the first woman who won the Inspiration prize of GQ Men Of The Year awards.

Rose McGowan had previously revealed that the man’s identity to him off the record, but that McGowan would name him publicly when she was ready.

She was criticized for shouting at a transgender heckler at an event to promote her memoir and charged with a felony charge of cocaine possession stemming from an incident in January 2017 at Washington Dulles International Airport.

 “I’d been attracted to him, so I always filed it away as a sexual experience,” she said.


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