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Reality of Audio Design Superstar Rupert Neve’s Cause of Death


One of the superstars of audio design and engineering, Rupert Neve’s cause of death was reported as non-Covid pneumonia and heart failure after he passed away on Feb. 13. He was 94-years-old when he took his last breath. RIP.

 Rupert Neve's cause of death was reported as non-Covid pneumonia and heart failure
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He will be remembered for his unforgettable mark on the sound of music and well, pretty much anything audio, from classic and much sought after mixing consoles, mic preamps, and EQ’s, they are considered to be the pinnacle of audio excellence and musicality by many. Equipment that features in whish-lists of many, the Neve sound has been a thing for decades.

Born as a British national, Neve passed his early childhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

His father was an agent for the British and Foreign Bible Society and Rupert kicked off designing audio amplifiers and radio receivers from age 13. When World War II started, demand for radios increased and Neve began repairing and selling radios.

He joined the UK army in the Royal Signals, which provides communications support. On UK TV and domestic radio companies, he began to work with transformers.

Rupert Neve’s Honors:

  •  A Lifetime Achievement Technical GRAMMY Award in 1997
  • Studio Sound Magazine’s Audio Person of the Century Award in 1999
  • An Audio Engineering Society Fellowship Award in 2006
  • 16 TEC (Technical Excellence and Creativity) Awards with Rupert Neve Designs

Rupert Neve’s Cause of Death Doesn’t Relate to Covid

Rupert Neve survived by a loving family, friends, and many colleagues after a long and fruitful life.

His first company CQ making hi-fi amps, and the speaker was established before an Irish composer commissioned him to make a mixing console in 1960. Then is 1961, he started Neve Electronics. Soon after creating EQs Mic amps, he and his wife Evelyn sold the company in 1975, and they employed about 500 workers worldwide.

Sound On Sound magazine

Becoming interested in digital technology in 1977, he made the first moving fader system and continued to design and create in the audio field from his home in Texas, US.

Rupert Neve was at the age of 17 when volunteered as a sailor for the British navy and soon after settled in England where he founded a mobile recording studio where he recorded choirs, operas, and public addresses.

Reactions to Death of Rupert Neve

Soon after Rupert Neve’s death news, his friends and fans showed their sadness by sharing their tributes on social media.

Vishal wrote, “#RupertNeve ‘s genius has probably touched ALL your lives, and most of you don’t even know it. What a profound loss to sound, to music, to technology, to innovation and to humankind.”

Another user wrote, “An absolute giant has fallen. I’ve made so many records using the genius designs Rupert Neve dreamed up… he’s really an incredible example of how brilliant technology can release wonderful creativity. Safe home sir, thank you for everything”

“I’ve known and worked with Rupert for nearly 30 years,” Josh Thomas, Rupert Neve Designs’ co-founder, and general manager announced. “When Rupert, his wife Evelyn, and I sat at his kitchen table and founded Rupert Neve Designs 16 years ago, he had two goals. The first was to set a new standard in the quality of recorded sound, drawing upon his unparalleled depth of experience to create high-end solutions for the modern recording engineer, musician, and listener alike. The second was to pass on his philosophies, techniques, and methodologies to a new generation of designers to carry his life’s work and passion into the future.”

Thomas added“It was always assumed that the company would outlive him on this earth, and for 16 years he poured his energies into creating a team that would become the caretakers of the theories, practices, and ideologies that truly constitute a Rupert Neve design. All of us at the company are exceedingly grateful for the years of careful instruction and mentoring with which he has blessed us, and we will continue to preserve his legacy in everything we do moving forward. The world certainly sounds better because he was here.”

For tributes and prayers, kindly scroll down and use the comment section to express your feelings.

What do We know about Rupert Neve’s Funeral?

A complete celebration of his remarkable life and achievements will take place when it is safe to do so.

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