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What is Sam Jayne’s Death Cause? Foul Play or Suicide?


The frontman of indie bands Love As Laughter Sam Jayne’s death cause does not seem normal at all. His dead body was found in his car after being reported missing on Dec. 6.


Jayne’s Love as Laughter bandmate Zeke Howard confirmed the heartbreaking news, saying, “Our dear Sam is no longer with us but his memory and impact will endure. Please respect the privacy of the family at this time.”

The suspicious story was started when the musician 46-year-old had gone missing on Dec. 6 and friends began a social media campaign over the week to locate him.

Based on social media posts from friends and collaborators, Jayne was last seen on Sunday, December 6, and last heard from on Monday, December 7. A public effort was made on social media to have people call, text, or email any information they may have about Jayne’s location.

A little after 2:30 p.m. ET on Dec. 15, New York City Police Department responded to a 911 call about an unconscious body. “Upon arrival, police observed an unidentified, unconscious and unresponsive male laying in the back of the vehicle,” NYPD spokesperson Sophia Mason told in a statement, noting that the man has been identified as the musician. “EMS pronounced the male deceased at the scene.”

Sam Jayne’s Death Cause Seems So Suspicious

Finally, Sam Jayne was found in his car, and although preliminary research showed no “signs of criminality,” the investigation is still ongoing! Who believes a celebrity was found dead after being missing for days without any foul play? We do not!

Fans waiting for an update about Sam Jayne’s death cause while many are suspicious about the story while the medical examiner has not yet determined a cause of death, and police say the investigation is ongoing.

Jayne first got fame in underground music circles in the early 1990s as the singer and guitarist for the Olympia emo and post-hardcore band Lync alongside future Built To Spill members James Bertram and Dave Schneider. 

Jayne was also briefly a member of Modest Mouse in the ’90s. More recently, he was a beloved Brooklyn bartender at Clem’s in Williamsburg. 

Sam Jayne’s Obituary

A public notice has just been made through the social media early Wednesday, 16th December, 2020 concerning this unexpected death of a much loved individual, in the person of Jayne.

 Sam Jayne's death cause is still under investigation
Image source: Pitchfork

Jayne has passed away unexpectedly and friends are sad and broken by the news.

We would love to extend our thoughts and prayers to each and every one of Jayne’s family members, friends, and the rest close associates who must have been affected by this loss.

Information about the cause of death or circumstances that led to this devastating passing would be made available asap.

  • Who are Sam Jayne’s wife and children
  • How Jayne was died?
  • Sam Jayne Wikipedia bio

We have no information on the above questions. If you have additional information on this, kindly contact us.

Reactions to Jayne’s Death News

Immediately after the Sam’s death news confirmation his family, friends, and fans posted on social media to pay tribute!

Before all, some of Northwest musicians posted remembrances on social media as news of Jayne’s death spread.

“Rest in Peace, Sam,” Robin Pecknold wrote Instagram, adding, “You didn’t know it but you were an elusive and inspiring hero to me and you touched so many of the lives of the people we love. You were Sam fucking Jayne. Fuck.”

Also, Greenpoint bar The Diamond wrote “for those that don’t know yet I’m very sad to say that the search for Sam has ended and he has passed.”

He continued, “I can’t believe I won’t see you again, Sam. I can hear your voice and your giggle and it just seems impossible that its not going to happen again. being around you was such a spark that we’ll always be grateful for. Thank you.”

“He absolutely never failed to make me smile and laugh,” wrote Kimya Dawson, who befriended Jayne during the early ’90s in Olympia, “and always gave me a huge hug. … I am so sad I won’t feel one of those hugs again but feel lucky that I had him in my life during those different wild times. I will miss my friend forever.”

More about Sam Jayne Biography: Career, Personal Life

Veteran Olympia rocker Sam Jayne well known of Love as Laughter and Lync.

Jayne’s post-hardcore band Lync dissolved after publishing its lone album on K Records in 1994.


Jayne was born in Olympia. The vocalist and guitarist formed Love As Laughter in 1994 after his band Lync broke up. Love As Laughter released many albums on Sub Pop in the 2000s, before signing with Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock’s Glacial Pace label for its last studio full-length, 2008’s “Holy.”

There is no biography of Sam Jayne but according to what users said on social media, he was at the age of 46.

Missing persons posters described Samuel as a blue color eye, 5’6″ ish and brown hair man.

More about Love as Laughter 

Love as Laughter is an American indie rock band, formed in 1994 by vocalist and guitarist Sam Jayne as a solo project after the break-up of his former band, Lync.

In 2008, the band signed with Isaac Brock’s label Glacial Pace and published the album, Holy. At the time, the band featured Jayne, Ivan Berko on bass, Zeke Howard on drums, Andy Macleod on guitar, and Robbie Lee on keyboards.

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  1. Becky December 17, 2020

    Tremendously poor reporting here. Offering a salacious conspiracy theory without even knowing if he was married with kids? This kind of reporting has no credibility. Let me list a few ways someone could die in their car at 46. Maybe he was drinking somewhere and slept in the car and died of hypothermia. Maybe he had covid and no one knew and he passed away. Maybe he had a heart attack. The police aren’t commenting because it’s normal to have an autopsy performed to find out his cause of death for anyone at all who’s just died. You are hacks and need to stop the spread of misinformation. It’s disturbing to write articles like this!

    1. USdayNEWS December 18, 2020

      First of all thanks for sharing your opinion. He was found after a week while he was dead! As you mentioned there are many possibilities and a foul play is one of them!
      Second, we did not confirm anything we just talked about one of the possibilities which often occurred for celebrities.
      Third, we all prefer to hear more information about such important news from the police!

  2. Lillian December 27, 2020

    It w scientologists that killed him just like jeremy blake and his girlfriend. That and he was a fan of opiates.

    1. USdayNEWS December 28, 2020

      Could you please explain more? So do you mean that he passed away as a result of drug use?

      1. Lillian January 3, 2021

        This is just speculation. I don’t know the circumstances. I wish i did. It seems odd for someone so young and well liked to just die. I feel bad for his family experiencing this loss as a bookend to such a shitty year. I only speculated about scientology because he was on that beck album as were jeremy blake.

  3. Dylan December 27, 2020

    Scientologists murdered him just like jeremy blake. Also he liked opiates.

    1. USdayNEWS December 28, 2020

      Do you mean that he died as a result of drug use? could you please explain more?

      1. Dylan January 3, 2021

        I don’t know i wasnt there..

  4. Danny James December 30, 2020

    Where am I? Who are you? Is this the United States of Day—part or the larger continent of Northern Day? Are you speaking the Day’s English? I am a fan of opiates. Also, Buddha bless you, and may Herne save your souls, you lowlives

    1. Donya H December 30, 2020

      However thanks for sharing your opinion!

  5. USdayNEWS January 4, 2021

    This is just speculation. I don’t know the circumstances. I wish i did. It seems odd for someone so young and well liked to just die. I feel bad for his family experiencing this loss as a bookend to such a shitty year. I only speculated about scientology because he was on that beck album as were jeremy blake.


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