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Kat Dennings’ Boyfriend Andrew WK Confirms the New Romance


Kat Dennings’ boyfriend Andrew WK unexpectedly revealed a romantic relationship! The stars both posted the same selfie to their Instagram accounts on Sunday, May 2.

The shot shows Andrew WK kissing Dennings gently on the forehead as she pouts her lips at the camera.

Two days prior, 2 Broke Girls star shared two photos of the rock star leaning casually against a black pole, captioning a black heart emoji.

Kat Dennings previously dated Josh Groban after they were introduced by her co-star Beth Behrs. But in 2016, the couple decided to end their relationship after two years together.

Kat Dennings is dating her new boyfriend, Andrew WK

In 2008, WK married fellow musician Cherie Lily, and it is unclear when they separated, but his last post of Lily was a photo promoting his merch on Instagram in Dec. 2018.

While this new relationship seems like it’s coming out, Kat dropped a clue about her new boyfriend on Twitter one month ago.

At the beginning of April, Kat Dennings tweeted out a screenshot of Andrew WK pretending to be a Fox News weatherman walking past a map of the midwest that just says “PARTY” over and over again.

The actress wrote alongside the image, “me on my vaccinated walks,” to which the rocker replied with a red heart emoji.

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Kat Dennings’ New Boyfriend: Andrew WK

However, it seems Kat Dennings’ boyfriend is Andrew WK for a long time and this love connection might have been years in the making as, back in 2014, Kat made her interest in WK clearly, replying to a photo he tweeted of himself, “You are a tall drink of milk AWK.”

But the new couple does already have one serious hurdle they are going to have to overcome, as that same year, the star also tweeted, “White pants are dumb.”

Several fans and online users posted their reactions on social media websites.

A user wrote on Twitter: “kat dennings flaunting her really hot boyfriend on instagram and tallulah willis getting engaged in the same day is really making me happy and sad because love is very much an elusive thing for me, huh?”

Another person tweeted: “If there’s one celebrity couple I never expected to exist it’s probably Andrew WK and Kat Dennings.”

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