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The Voice Star Lil Durk Kids; Rumors Talk About One Secret Kid


All of Lil Durk’s kids have been shown to the eyes of the public; but is that really true? Isn’t there another child who has not been spoken about yet?

Rumor has it that Durk has actually one other child besides the other six. An Instagram model woman has claimed that she has a child with the rapper from the past.

Back in Blood rapper has been accused of abanding one of his kids as he achieved fame and fortune. From the given information, The secret child is a boy.

The Voice Star Lil Durk Kids; Rumors Talk About One Secret Kid
Image Source: Instagram

During an interview with blogger Tasha K, Travonna aired out her displease to the public with Durk, full name Durk Derrick Banks.

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Lil Durk Kids, Is there another Kid?

The woman said that she know Durk from a very long ago. She has claimed that when he was still struggling with his career, she used to help the rapper financially.

She expressed herself in the interview by saying that now Durk has completely forgotten about her and their son.

The woman has dropped a bomb in the middle of The voice rapper’s life. Since yesterday that the news came out, fans have to speak on behalf of their star.  

Lil’s fans are refusing to believe her claims. It all made the woman post a picture from her son just to show the similarity of the baby to Durk.

She said: “Seven years ago when my son was born, you were not who you are now. I was giving you rides to the studio and buying you White Castle because you had to wait for checks for different stuff when you were with other companies.”

Lil Durk’s Brother DTHANG

It hasn’t been that long since Durk’s tragic loss. Lil Durk’s Brother DTHANG was killed on June 6 by a shot in a Chicago area nightclub.

Many shared their sympathy through social media especially by tweets. One wrote: “ That’s so sad… I was literally on his page a few days ago… Rip DThang. Damn Durk going through it.”

Last week, “when we shoot” rapper, Lil Durk lost his brother from gun violence outside a night club and now the news of his secret child, spreading in social media, may get too much for him.

The Voice Star Lil Durk Kids; Rumors Talk About One Secret Kid
Image Source: Hip Hop Wiki – Fandom

After the revealing news of the Durk’s mystery child, lots of fans have been trying to refuse the woman’s claims. Reacting to the fans she wrote: “LIE FOR WHAT??? Y’all are NOBODY TO PLEASE & HE IS NOBODY TO PROTECT UP AGAINST MY CHILDS INNOCENTS SO AGAIN HAVE A GOOD DAY WE GOT DNA.”

Us Day News does not claim or refuse any of this information, but please share it with us through the comment box below if you have any more details.

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