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The Rock Energy Drink, ZOA ‘Healthy Warrior’ Rocked!


The Rock energy drink, ZOA ‘Healthy Warrior’ is on the market which he boasts is ‘the first of its kind,’ but the question is this: would you drink what Dwayne Johnson is selling?

The Rock energy drink, ZOA 'Healthy Warrior' is on the market
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The star took to his Instagram on Monday morning to announce the upcoming launch of his ZOA ‘healthy warrior’ energy drink. Also, as every cook praises his own broth, he boasted that the clean and healthy energy drink is ‘the first of its kind’ as it also supports immunity.

The 48-year-old former professional wrestler shared a short commercial for the new product set to tribal drums which showed the can featuring a logo reminiscent of Polynesian style tattoos much like The Rock has on his body.

It concluded with the words: ‘Healthy positive energy… Coming in March.’ 

The Rock Advertises his Energy Drink on Social Media

Dwayne posted the video on Instagram for his 211million followers and a lengthy caption which started: ‘Ladies & gents, it’s our honor to introduce you to @zoaenergy

‘The first of its kind, CLEAN & HEALTHY energy drink that champions the everyday warriors in all of us.’

As The Rock energy drink includes natural ingredients including Vitamins C, D, and B on top of 160mg of natural caffeine from green tea extracts and green coffee beans it will not only give energy but support immunity as well.

Rock concluded the post writing: ‘This ones for all of you – the health conscious everyday warrior who lives LIFE POSITIVE. Adding, ‘It’s our privilege to serve you.’

Dwayne is quite the businessman as he was number ten on Forbes’ annual list of highest-paid celebrities for the year 2020 as he took in $87.5 million. 

He is the highest paid actor commanding above $20 million for each movie thanks to big blockbuster films.

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