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Vicki Gunvalson Secret Cancer Led her to Hysterectomy


The news of Vicki Gunvalson’s secret cancer battle shocked her fans. She shared information about her health condition on “Jeff Lewis Live,” hosted by Jeff Lewis.

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum, 59, appeared on Wednesday, November 17, SiriusXM program.

“I just had my whole f*king uterus taken out,” she said. “It made me [go] absolutely crazy thinking about anybody thinking that I would do that to somebody when so many people have suffered from cancer,” she added.

While the Coto Insurance CEO didn’t elaborate further on her diagnosis, she did admit she was “going through a f*king tough time right now.” Vicki also added: “I do not need anybody bringing me down.”

She claimed that she would never lie about someone having cancer, adding that she had a serious health issue, which led to her getting a hysterectomy. 

The Bravo star Vicki Gunvalson shared information about her cancer
Vicki Gunvalson has been diagnosed with cancer

Vicki Gunvalson did not share more details about her cancer diagnosis.

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Vicki Gunvalson in a Body Shaming Debate

The Bravo personality accused the “Flipping Out” star of “body shaming” her. Lewis then shot back Vicki took to Twitter following his breakup with his partner Gage Edward in 2019. 

Lewis said: “You made a comment on Twitter when my ten-year relationship broke up you said, That’s what he gets for being so awful to people including me, which is a low-blow.”

Gunvalson did not refute the claims and shared that she had been in contact with Lewis’ former employee, Jenni Pulos. She shared that Pulos had “told her how awful [Lewis] had been treating her.”

“I was seeing a pattern of how you were treating people. And karma’s a b***. You treat people like s**, s**’s going to come back at you,” said Gunvalson. 

Lewis apologized for making disparaging remarks about Gunvalson’s fashion choices and for contacting Bravo to have her fired or suspended from “RHOC.” He then claimed that Corey Larabee, a Gunvalson enthusiast, had been harassing him on social media. Lewis said that he felt Gunvalson was aware of Larabee’s treatment of him but did nothing about it.

Vicki Gunvalson talked about her cancer

He expressed his displeasure with the scenario, explaining that he had supported Gunvalson throughout the issue surrounding her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers. Ayers “forged medical records” after claiming to have been diagnosed with stage 3 non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2013.

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Vicki Gunvalson’s Toxic Relationship

During her conversation with TooFab in 2018, Contribution shared how her relationship with Ayers had affected her. She shared that his fraud being documented on “RHOC” was “super, super hard.”

The star also shared that she and Ayers were not on speaking terms following their breakup. She said that she would not consider having a conversation with him likewise “When are you gonna be paying me back?”

She claimed that it would be the only thing she would ever say to him. After that, he basically skated out. He was not a good partner, and she thought he was.

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