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Bad Girls Club Star Whitney Collings’ Death Cause is Doubtful


Former ‘Bad Girls Club Star’, Whitney Collings’ death cause is still unknown after she passed away at the age of 33 on Thursday, Dec. 3, according to a Facebook post shared by her mother.

The bad news came just five months after Demitra Roche’s death cause published. Demitra was one year older than Whitney when she died.

Former 'Bad Girls Club Star', Whitney Collings' death cause is still unknown after she passed away at the age of 33

In the Facebook post, Linda Houghton Collings, confirmed the heartbreaking news, writing that she is “completely broken and will never get over this.” She continued, “Life is so unfair. She was kind with a big heart.”

Whitney was famous as “Boston” from season three of the Oxygen reality TV series.” Collings was just 21 when she entered on season three of the show, starred in 12 episodes of the reality show in 2008, filmed in 2008, and broadcast from 2008-09.

Nicknamed “the Straight Shooter,” her Boston pedigree was an integral part of her personality on the show, as this fan montage shows.

Bad Girls Club has missed other stars after Collings’ death. Demitra Roche and Deshayla Harris also passed away. Deshayla Harris’s death news was revealed on March 27, 2021, and Demitra Roche’s cause of death was revealed as a car accident.

Does Whitney Collings’ Death Cause Relate to Suicide?

Finally, production removed Whitney Collings from the show after the 11th episode of the series due to her fight with another cast member Amber Meade, “the Firecracker.”

Widely panned by critics, “Bad Girls Club” was the source of a wide type of controversies during its run, though it did pick up several spin-offs, none of which Collings was involved in.


Whitney Collings’ death cause is still private and the case is currently with the medical examiner and it will determine the cause and manner of her death. However, we were informed that she was at a hospital near her Massachusetts hometown before her passing, so there was something wrong with her health condition.

Whitney was a proud Bostonian and made no fear about where she was from her presence on the reality series. But finally, her temper caused she was booted from the house after a physical fight with roommate Amber Meade. 

In recent years it seems Whitney came to Florida and was working as a senior sales executive at E-cigarettes Wholesale.

Also according to some sources, she was arrested for resisting an officer without violence this year, in March. 

Fans always remember him for her sense of humor. RIP.

Reactions to Death of Whitney Collings

Friends and fans widely reacted to the death of the reality star on social media and expressed their condolences to the Collings family. Among the many who wrote about her death was Amber Meade, with who Whitney got into a physical altercation on the show, causing her removal from the series.

Amber said on Instagram, “I’m glad we were able to move past any differences we had all those years ago. My sympathies to those that knew Whitney and are feeling the loss today!”


She and Tanisha Thomas of season two discussed Whitney’s death on Instagram, with Tanisha announcing that she is “at a lost (sic) for words.” Then Amber agreed, continued, “This is pretty insane—I can’t believe she’s gone—her poor momma!”

Darlen Escobar additionally expressed sadness over Whitney’s passing on Instagram, saying,”God has gained another beautiful sweet angel.”

Another BGC Star, Demitra Roche Died Months ago

The former contestant added, “It’s like everyday I get on Facebook or Instagram Heaven gains another angel.”

About 5 months ago, former “Bad Girls Club” star Demitra “Mimi” Roche has died at 34 reportedly.

Demitra’s death was confirmed Wednesday in a heartbreaking Twitter post from record producer Vince Valholla, the founder of Valholla Entertainment. Roche formerly worked as Vice President of A&R.

She appeared on season 8 of “Bad Girls Club”, who was remembered by music manager Vince Valholla as a “big dreamer.”

There are some comments on her Instagram where her followers claim her family revealed on Facebook that Mimi was in a car accident.

Former 'Bad Girls Club Star', Whitney Collings' death cause is still unknown after she passed away at the age of 33
Image source: 247 News Around The World

Our thoughts and condolences are with Demitra and Whitney and also their loved ones during this difficult time.

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