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Zayn Malik Misses Sister Wedding; Gigi Hadid Sends Sweet Words


Former One Direction member Zayn Malik misses sister’s wedding, a big family event, December 2020. Waliyha Malik married Junaid Khan on December 12, 2020, in Bradford, England.

Zayn Malik misses sister's wedding, a big family event, December 2020.
Image Source: US day NEWS

 Though, Zayn Malik was nowhere to be observed on the big day. One probable reason for the young singer’s absence? For sure, the coronavirus pandemic that has made any kind of journey pretty tricky.

According to the sources, the second possible reason is that Zayn and girlfriend Gigi Hadid had been loafing on the model’s family farm in Pennsylvania after their daughter’s birth in September 2020.

As those are both exclusively valid reasons, some sources considered that a significant reason for Zayn’s absence was that man and his family had substantial problems with Waliyha’s groom.

In 2017, Khan was condemned to five years in prison. However, he ended up being released immediately before the wedding, per the sources. Given Khan’s past, Zayn and his family weren’t thrilled about nuptials, reportedly.

Gigi Hadid Sends Sweet Massage Following Zayn Malik Misses Sister’s Wedding

Gigi Hadid happily reached out to Zayn Malik’s little sister after dropping her wedding day.

It’s assumed the model missed out on occasion due to COVID limitations – and fans are presuming Zayn was unable to make it, as well.

Zayn Malik misses sister's wedding, a big family event, December 2020.
Image Source: Capital London

The 25-year-old supermodel, who welcomed a baby daughter with the former One Direction star lately, had a case of FOMO after dropping out on occasion over the weekend.

It appears after Zayn’s 22-year-old sister Waliyha posted a collection of photos from her great day on Instagram, including various of her in a pink gown with her family.

This post didn’t go ignored by Gigi, who following took to the comments part to share the love. “Wish I could be there so happy for u. Big love x,” posted Gigi.

So, What is the Reason for Zayn Malik’s Absence?

At the time, a critic explained the carjacking as “chilling,” writing, “You targeted a vulnerable lady on her own. … At her home, in her drive alone and you ­carried out your planned expedition with a degree of skill that is chilling. And you have shown no remorse, not one iota.” One source reported that Zayn and his family were against the marriage in light of Khan’s yesterday.

“No one is happy about her marrying him after what he did,” the source said. “He’s a thug. This isn’t in his past — he’s only just got out of prison.”

Otherwise, Gigi Hadid spread out on social media to congratulate Waliyha Malik. “Wish I could be there [heart emoji] so happy for u. Big love x,” She wrote on Instagram. Then, at least there’s still outspread family love running around!

Gigi and Zayn have no dilemma got their hands full after welcoming a new extension earlier this year.

Following introducing their baby girl into the world, the couple has determined to keep their baby’s name a mystery, also deciding not to show her face on social media

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s Baby Picture Revealed Lately

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s baby picture was revealed beside Christmas decoration pictures.

The model shared sweet holiday moments with her two-month-old daughter, born in September, on her Instagram account.

Gigi Hadid posted rare photos of her baby girl on Instagram
Image source: Gigi Hadid’s Instagram account

She also included her Christmas decoration pictures. The Hadids are not the “don’t decorate until after Thanksgiving!” kind.

“A whole new kind of busy & tired but she’s da bestie so she got Christmas decorations early,” Hadid captioned.

Gigi Hadid shared an Instagram Story of herself with her daughter earlier this month. Hadid shared the first family photo of her daughter, Malik, and heron Halloween, hiding her daughter’s face with an emoji.

Neither Hadid nor Malik has revealed their daughter’s name yet or posted any photos of her face.

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