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Alabama teen killed his family members at a home in Elkmont


A 14-year-old Alabama teen killed his family members in a house. The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office tells five people were shot at a home in Elkmont. The teenager called 911 around 10:30 p.m. The victims include two adults and three children. Officials announce one adult, and a child persevered but died at area hospitals late-night.

Actually, Alabama teen cruelly killed father and stepmother along with boy’s three young siblings after ‘suspect called 911 to report hearing gunshots and later confessed to the killings’.

First, on Tuesday, the sheriff’s office declared three of the five family members shot in the Elkmont residence were verified dead at the scene and two were airlifted in crucial condition. The office later confirmed the two people in critical condition passed.

Originally, the teen said investigators he was downstairs in the basement while he heard shots from upstairs, according to WHNT.  As we said before, agents state the victims are the teen’s father, his stepmother, and three siblings.

Deputies believe the teen applied a 9 mm gun in the shot and tossed it before calling 911. They are currently exploring for the weapon.

LCSO spokesman Stephen Young announced the shooter attended Elkmont High School. Just before 6 a.m., the school posted to Facebook declaring more counselors would be at the school Tuesday.

The suspect, who was not mentioned because he is a juvenile, is currently charged with five counts of teenage murder and is being held in a juvenile detention facility.

The horrific slayings occurred at the 2,500 blocks of Ridge Road in Elkmont early Tuesday morning.

Deputies discovered one adult and two children dead at the scene. Another adult and minor were hospitalized with critical injuries and later passed. 

14-year-old Alabama teen killed his family members in an Alabama house
Image: CNN

Police verified that the handgun which was used was illegally kept at the house. 

Alabama teen killed his family members in Elkmont, a town of about 430 people near the Tennessee border, about 100 miles north of Birmingham.

“We don’t have many murders down here at all,” Mike West, the county coroner of 37 years, stated in a telephone conversation about the city, a principally agricultural area of products and cattle. “This is the first one with five at one time.”

The police have not published a motive. It was not now obvious who had the gun or whether other people were in the house at the time of the shooting, which happened before midnight on Monday.

West told that he reached the scene around 1 a.m. He said he observed the boy sitting in the front seat of the sheriff’s vehicle, next to Sheriff Mike Blakely. Autopsies on the five victims were being carried in Huntsville, he said.

Sheriff Blakely did not return requests for the explanation on Tuesday. A sheriff’s department spokesman, Stephen Young, told local reporters at the scene that deputies had been called to the house by the teenager, who said he was downstairs when he heard shooting upstairs.

At noon on Tuesday, a few dozen people and leaders from about 10 churches in the area gathered at Elkmont United Methodist Church to pray for the family and the town, said the pastor there, Thom Porter. They read readings from Philippians and Jeremiah, highlighting the verses on trusting in God and praying in times of anxiety. “I think it is a shock to our community to hear this news early this morning,” he stated in a conference.

It is not easy to admit that a 14-year-old boy kills his family and it seems there is a strong motivation behind this horrible crime.

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