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Alex Babinski Sexual Assault Caused Expulsion from PVRIS


Alex Babinski sexual assault caused him the expulsion from the PVRIS band. Guitarist and keyboardist Alex Babinski is no longer a member of the PVRIS band according to sexual harassment against the musician.

The US outfit, which Lynn Gunn fronted, is set to release their third album “Use Me” this coming Friday, Aug 28.

Today, Aug 26, the group shared a statement on Twitter, proving that they had “been made aware of allegations involving Alex Babinski,” so he will “no longer be associated with PVRIS” with direct effect.

“We have been made aware of the allegations involving Alex Babinski. We absolutely and emphatically will not tolerate sexual harassment, coercion, and all other forms of sexual misconduct, online and offline,” during the post. “It is our responsibility to ensure and provide a safe space within the PVRIS community and to believe and support victims and survivors.”

The statement continues: “As of today Alex will no longer be associated with PVRIS. He will be handling these matters privately and professionally.”

PVRIS fired Alex Babinski sexual assault is the reason

Babinski shared a statement that he claims the allegations against him are “100% false”. “I respect and honor all victims of sexual misconduct and it’s important for them to come forward and be heard. I respect and understand Lynn and Brian [MacDonald’s] decision to part ways with me at this time,” he said.

PVRIS has now comprised of Lynn Gunn and bassist Brian MacDonald. Gunn released the message of “Use Me” that she had consistently downplayed her role as the band’s sole creative force. She is also the only member to appear in the cover images for their new record.

Alex Babinski new record is covered with their photo

In her recent interview, she explained that she is now allowing herself “to take credit” for PVRIS’s output.

“This had to happen for me to continue wanting to do this,” she said. “With all the work I was putting into this next record, it felt really weird and uncomfortable to be giving equal credit to everyone.”

“Brian and Alex have always been incredibly supportive of my vision over the years, but I never felt comfortable opening up and owning that role. It made me feel apathetic towards the project.”

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