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Active Shooter Warning After Boulder Colorado Mass Shooting


Boulder, Colorado Police are investigating a report of an active shooter at a local shopping center after the Boulder Colorado mass shooting.

An active shooting was reported after Colorado, Boulder shooting
Image source: The Colorado Sun

Authorities urge the public to stay away from the area. It is not clear how many people were injured at this time during what police described as an active shooter situation at King Soopers.

Shortly before 3 p.m. local time, a shooting happened at a grocery store on Table Mesa Drive. Officers were heard on a loudspeaker telling someone to exit a vehicle.

Colorado Police said they first had received a report of a man shot in a car in the area. But officers who arrived on the scene were reportedly were shot by an unknown suspect.

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One witness said a sound similar to fireworks was heard after leaving the store and seeing a man in the parking lot holding an “AR-15 style weapon.” The witness returned to the store to tell the people inside.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, said he was “closely watching unfolding events” at the grocery store.

Boulder Colorado Mass Shooting: an Active Shooter

A local sandwich store employee, who did not give his name, said he and his coworkers heard gunshots before moving to their store’s back for safety.

The video footage shows police officers armed with long guns being lifted via a firetruck apparatus onto the grocery store’s roof.

Some of the store’s windows seem to be broken, the video shows. State and county law enforcement agencies were helping Boulder police.

Some minutes after police pushed their way into the shooting scene, they could be seen walking out with a shirtless man in handcuffs. One of the man’s legs looked bloody.

Police could also be seen leading at least one other person out of the store and pressing him against the building’s exterior wall. He did not seem to be handcuffed.

Shortly thereafter, dozens of people who had been inside the store could be seen walking out.

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