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Mystery of Clydach Murderer Dai Morris’ Cause of Death in Prison


Clydach murderer of three generations of the same family in the Swansea Valley village in 1999, Dai Morris’ cause of death is still questionable after he died on Friday (August 20, 2021) in prison at the age of 59.

The David Morris’ death news has been confirmed by a Prison Service spokesman, saying, “HMP Long Lartin prisoner David Morris died on August 20.”

He has spent 22 years in jail for the killings of Mandy Power, her two young daughters, 10-year-old Katie, eight-year-old Emily, and her 80-year-old mother, Doris Dawson. He was being held at HMP Long Lartin in Worcestershire.

Clydach murderer Dai Morris' cause of death is still questionable
Image source: BBC

The brutal killing led to one of the greatest murder investigations ever by a Welsh Police force. The research caused the conviction of local man Dai Morris on two occasions, firstly at Swansea Crown Court in 2002, a sentence which was overturned on appeal, and then finally after a retrial at Newport Crown Court in 2006.

Morris, who always insisted on his innocence, was sentenced to at least 32 years in jail; however, in 2018, the Criminal Cases Review Commission refused a request to take his case to the Court of Appeal.

Besides all, his family have always maintained his innocence, even though when later Ms. Power’s ex-husband has announced he accepted the trial sentence.

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What’s Clydach Murderer Dai Morris’ Cause of Death

Although there is no exact report about Dai Morris’ cause of death at this time, the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman has been informed,” The cause of death is now said to be a matter for the coroner.”

Dai Morris’ family had battled for possible new evidence to be re-examined by the police and the CPS. A recent BBC documentary showed some of that evidence, where potential new witnesses were involved in a probe.

Also good to know, a book was additionally published by attorney John Morris (no relation with David) that raised serious doubts about the convictions.

Dai Morris, who had been in love with Mandy Power, had been drinking at The New Inn in Craigcefnparc on the night of the murderer happened, where he had drunk approximately eight pints and taken amphetamine. Mandy Power came home with her two daughters just before midnight, having been babysitting.

Clydach murderer Dai Morris' cause of death is still questionable

Evidence submitted Doris had been murdered first and that a light bulb had led to the electrics in the house to fuse; nevertheless, the killer had gone downstairs to repair the fuse.

In July, the Crown Prosecution Service reported no related information had been provided by the potential new witnesses to weaken the conviction. The review, which Devon and Cornwall Police were managing, was then required to look at legal issues also claimed in the documentary.

Dark Story of Clydach Murders

In 2006, Morris’s case heard he had a sexual relationship with Ms. Power and was under the influence of alcohol and drugs when he went on a killing them in June 1999. Mrs. Dawson was killed as she lay in her bed, and the murderer was setting for the others to come back home.

Monday, Power and her daughters were hit with a fiberglass pole, which the girls used to play with, and Ms. Power’s dead body was sexually abused. The killer lit fires around the home in an effort to cover the crimes he did.

Fire crews discovered the dead bodies of Ms. Power and the girls laid out on the landing when they came to stop the fire. The probe was the biggest and most complicated murder investigation ever done by a Welsh police force.

Clydach murderer Dai Morris' cause of death is still questionable
Image source: Daily Mail

Witnesses announced that Morris left the bar at about 11.30 pm. Lawyers for Morris claimed he would not have had enough time to walk the 15 minutes to Kelvin Road from the pub, killing Doris, and change the fuse before Mandy came home with her daughters at approximately ten minutes to midnight.

There are additional puzzles over whether someone who was angry, drunk, and high on drugs can easily and methodically repair a fuse box set.

Witnesses say About Clydach Murders’ Night

According to a neighbor, A car pulled up outside Kelvin Road on the evening of the killing, and someone entered the home and turned on lights allowing the neighbor to see the shape of his head. Notwithstanding a police request for the man and driver, no one was ever found.

Following Mandy’s death, her body was defiled, washed in a bath, and a watch may have then been set on her hand. Was that the plan of someone under the influence of alcohol and drugs? This is another question that had never been answered in the case.

Another witness, a former taxi driver, declared he could remember noticing two men in Clydach following dropping off a passenger in the early night. He added he believed he later witnessed pictures of them in a newspaper, claiming he reported to the police; however, he was not interviewed and did not give proof at non of trials.

Also, a woman returning home from work insisted she recognized a man in Gellionnen Road, near Kelvin Road, carrying a package, in the early hours. She picked the man out at an identity parade, and an e-fit was created but not published to the public. She did give evidence at the trial while another man reported witnessing a man carrying a bundle near Kelvin Road.

A gold chain, covered in blood, was found from one of the bedrooms, which prosecutors stated had been dragged from Morris’s neck throughout a fight. Although, analysis of the chain showed no sign of damage. The chain only included DNA from Mandy Power.

An authority has clarified that Dai Morris’s handprint does not match that of one discovered on the carpet of the living room floor, while a white sports sock was found from the house enveloped in blood, and it is believed it was used as a glove.

Clydach murderer Dai Morris' cause of death is still questionable
Image source: Daily Mail

In January South Wales Police started a new investigation, emphasizing its confidence in Morris’s sentence although announced it would select an independent investigating officer and an independent forensic scientist to superintend a forensic review of the particular areas raised by Morris’s legal agents.

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