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Kaiser Hospital Shooting Leaves 1 Injured, The Shooter Escaped


Kaiser hospital shooting left one injured, and the shooter has escaped. The shooting happened outside of the hospital in Baldwin Park left one person injured and led the facility locking down on Wednesday morning.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department(LASD), the incident happened in the small parking lot at Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center in the 1000 blocks of Baldwin Park Boulevard. According to the sheriff’s spokesperson, the victim has self-transported to a different hospital in unknown condition.

Authorities said that the shooter was at large. No other information about the suspect is immediately available but Baldwin Park police officers were seen in a nearby flood-control channel as part of the shooter’s possible search.


One person wounded at Kaiser hospital shooting

Authorities are searching to provide more information at a morning news conference at the scene. But it was the second shooting of today.

Two people were shot and killed in a shooting in Parkview Apartments. Monroe Police reported the issuance of three arrest warrants as the main suspects in this incident.

The first suspect is Daniel Towns. A 22-years-old black man ( 03-20-98) who is wanted for two counts of 2nd Degree Murder and one count of Att.2nd Degree Murder.

The second suspect is a 19-years-old (07-19-01) black boy identified as Mario Jones, who is wanted for two counts of 2nd Degree Murder and one count of Att.2nd Degree Murder.

The third one is Delarrious Jones. He is a black male. 28-years-old (08-22-92). He is also wanted for two counts of 2nd Degree Murder. They are armed and can be dangerous.

Police asked people if they had any information about the suspects and their place of residence, call the Police Department ( 318-329-2600), or you can contact the Police Department’s Facebook page. Contact Crime Stoppers of North Delta by Facebook.

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