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Kirby Man Child Abuse 2015 Suspect Faces Capital Punishment


Kirby man child abuse 2015 suspect faces capital punishment after 5 years; the father announced that the Kirby boy victim has died.

The 38-year old man was sentenced to child abuse in 2019 and convicted to three years in prison. He was released on the ordeal in July of this year.

The arrest affirmation said Hollins told police he shook the 6-month-old child and slammed him into a swing when he wouldn’t stop crying. Doctors told police then the child suffered head bleeding and a broken rib and leg.

Five years after his father severely beat him, the Kirby boy has died, and his father now faces a capital murder charge. Kirby police arrested Rex L. Hollins on Tuesday in connection with the death of the boy, Zane Hollins.

According to Sgt. Michael Alonzo, the incident happened in December 2015 at a home in the 200 blocks of Jeanke Street in Kirby. Police say Zane was never required a lot of care after the abuse.

According to the arrest affirmation, police were called to the home on Jeanke Street in June 2020 when Zane was found dead. The medical examiner’s office said the boy’s cause of death was due to confusion of remote blunt force head injuries and arranged his death as a homicide.

Kirby man child abuse suspect, faces capital murder

Alonzo said it’s rare to have this kind of charge after several years, but it does happen.

“It’s very possible (if) somebody sustains injuries, and then several years later, they die as a result of those injuries. Yes, that person can be held responsible for that person’s death simply because you can state that that person would not have died if he or she did not incur those injuries at the time of the original assault,” Alonzo said.

This is the first time in more than 20 years that the city of Kirby has seen a capital murder suit, Alonzo said. But he says child abuse happens everywhere and urges parents to ask help or step back if they feel frustrated with their children.

“Take a break. I mean, we all have our breaking point, unfortunately, and we see it way too often in the news. And kids, unfortunately, suffer, you know, for no reason whatsoever other than to just cry.”


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