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A Possible Hostage Reported after Kyle Texas Shooting


The Kyle Texas shooting frightened all residents in the Brazos Lane area. The Kyle Police Department asks residents to shelter in place and avoid the area after a report of an active shooting.

Kyle Texas shooting is a possible hostage
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The shooting happened on the 100 block of Brazos Lane on Wednesday, March 10.

According to Kyle Police Department, residents in the area should stay indoors until police state that the area is safe. Police are still on-site, and homes in the immediate neighborhood have been evacuated.

Neighbor Trish Perez reported that she heard a gunshot sound at the scene, so there is a possible active shooter and a possible hostage, though she is unsure.

Perez explained that the scene around the community is jam-packed with law enforcement officials.

“We know that they have SWAT, snipers, tons of guns, tons of cops, tons of detectives. This is what I’ve been seeing for the last hour and a half. And the cops just keep coming,” Perez said.

She added that they heard them over the PA telling them the house was surrounded and came out almost an hour ago. It is said that no one was injured.

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Officer-Involved Shooting in Lakeland Fl

A Lakeland Police shot and killed a suspect during an officer-involved shooting in Lakeland Fl Sunday morning, March 7.

The police reported that the shooting happened at the Cobblestone Landing townhomes, located off Walt Loop Road.

The Lakeland Police Department reported that one officer killed a gunman witnessing him shoot a woman.

Officers found the man shoot a woman in the parking lot immediately when they arrived. So one of the officers fired at the male suspect and killed him. It is said that no officers were injured.

The officials investigate the shooting for more involved victims and suspects after they were called to the scene for a report of a domestic disturbance.

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