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LAPD Officer Arrested, Accused of Fondling Dead Woman


LAPD officer arrested, allegedly fondled a dead woman’s breast charged Thursday with a felony, LA County District Attorney’s Office said Thursday.

He was purportedly caught on body camera footage touching a dead woman’s breasts while responding to an overdose call.

David Rojas, 27, was charged with having sexual contact with human remains without rights. He could face up to three years in state prison if condemned.

A four-year veteran of the department, he is charged with one felony count of violating the California Health and Safety Code by detectives with LAPD’s Internal Affairs Division.

He was wearing his body-cam on Oct. 20 when he and his partner answered a 911 call reporting a woman had died, prosecutors stated. It is reported that the woman had fatally overdosed.

Woman having died at a home, Rojas is accused of touching the woman’s breast while he was alone in the room with the body, the DA’s office said.

When his partner officer left the room, Rojas turned off his body camera and touched the dead woman’s breasts, prosecutors claimed. However, since these cameras have a consecutive two-minute buffer, the incident was recorded.

Recently, when an LAPD officer turns his or her body-cam on, it automatically begins saving video and audio starting just two minutes before the activation. It’s not clear yet for how long the officer allegedly fondled the dead woman or what triggered him to later activate the camera.

LAPD Officer Arrested After Fondling Dead Woman, caught on body-cam
image: Newsweek

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LAPD Officer captured on his camera

Officials found the condemnatory video while doing a haphazard inspection of Rojas’ body camera. LAPD initially put Rojas under investigation following the discovery of the footage from body camera records.

One month ago, Chief of the police union, Michel Moore executed a protocol in which, the LAPD officer arrested through, could randomly check video footage from body-worn cameras.

“This incident is extremely disturbing and does not represent the values of the Los Angeles Police Department,” He stated.

On Thursday, Deputy District Attorney ‘Daniel Akemon’ proclaimed that he is accusing the LA officer. He charged him with one criminal count of having sensual contact with the woman’s body remains without authority.

The LAPD officer arrested and is also reportedly investigated through his work history.

The veteran cop was placed on leave and displaced by his police powers last week. It was during an internal investigation of the incident. He had been turned over to downtown’s Central Division.

I’m Disgusted’: LAPD Chief Discusses LAPD officer arrested and accused of Fondling Dead Woman’s Breasts
image: KTLA

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Wrap Up

“We hope that District Attorney Jackie Lacey charging Mr. Rojas for his vile alleged crime will bring some solace to the deceased woman’s family during their time of grieving,” the LA Police Protective League, declared in a statement after LAPD officer arrested.

“The Los Angeles Police Protective League will not defend Mr. Rojas during his criminal proceedings, and his alleged behavior is abhorrent and an affront to every law enforcement professional working for the LAPD.”

The union also emphasized that it will not defend the officer during his proceeding actions. Rojas’ coworkers had previously announced they were furious about the incident.

Rojas is released from jail on a $20,000 bail Thursday. According to a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department inmate locator website, he is out with a court date pending.

It was not immediately clear whether Rojas had a lawyer who could speak on his behalf.

The case remains under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department‘s Internal Affairs Division.

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