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l.T Stabbed at 24; Who Is Laurie Tagaloa? What Happened?


With most profound sorrow, we recieved disturbing news on July 12, 2022, saying that l.T was stabbed to death at a very young age. The 20-year-old Seyram Kwami Djentuh was briefly heard in Brisbane Arrests Court and was charged on Monday afternoon for the murder case.

It needs to be noted that US day News does not confirm nor reject any of this information. If you read incorrect details, please, allow us to know.

Over a stabbing at Fortitude Valley train station, Seyram Kwami Djentuh was charged with murder. It’s been decided that he will remain behind bars and was not brought up from the cells to face a magistrate on Tuesday.

A video has gone viral on social, showing Lauie Tagaloa’s final moments as a brawl between two groups of men who allegedly erupted in Fortitude Valley’s Valley Metro shopping complex and train station around 4 a.m. on July 11.

Also, the video footage is said to show the alleged brawl. It’s captured those depicting men lunging and shouting at each other during a confrontation in the shopping center.

According to the latest info, the shopping center’s extensive CCTV network was able to locate the alleged witnesses as well as the killer.

Sean Cryer, who is the Regional duty officer, shared: “Police were watching the BCC CCTV when they observed a disturbance taking place in the public thoroughfare of the fortitude valley railway station.”

Many have been leaving comments and tweeting their point of view, as one shared: “No matter how big you are… this guy is like 6’1 200 pounds and just in a blink of an eye, a knife about 5 inches big took him down. I’ve seen crazy gore videos but this one affected me on levels icel.”

4PocketsFullBaby added and replied to @f1uxz_: “Shows how important martial arts is, the first guy that approached him had a good guard and dodged him. The other guy didn’t and got killed smh.”

Another one wrote: “You can’t blame the person who did it tho. It was 3v1 and he even tried to avoid the situation until they rushed him.”

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l.T Stabbed to Death at 24

l.T was stabbed to death in the neck and left dying on the floor while his suspected attackers flee the scene. 🕊 Please keep his family and friends in your prayer.

One replied to @IlyLiddy and @f1uxz_: “Phased me a bit, just reminded me to keep my head low and stay in check. slow death is scary asf man.”

◎Yousaf.sol tweeted: “This is so f**ked. Nothing is worth killing someone over. So sad omg. Wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy even if you are the world’s strongest man if u see a knife just run man.”

Officer Sean Cryer gave more info: “On close examination, they saw a male person lying on the ground, the persons nearby had blood on them- we immediately dispatched the QAS and uniform crews to the railway station.”

On behalf of his client, the lawyer for Djentuh did not give a comment. Djentuh has been remanded in custody. AS it’s told, he will appear in court on August 8.

This incident has incited fresh calls to address concerns over knife crime in the Brisbane party district. Replying to the fresh concerns, Paul Taylor, who is the Queensland Police deputy commissioner, shared his concern as well: “I don’t get it. I wonder sometimes whether these young people realize the consequences.”

Based on several sources and the pictures from the footage, it seems that Laurie was with three of his friends, while the other group appears to consist of three young men.

One of Laurie’s friends is seen advancing toward the other group. The video shows his friend goes to taunt them while in a low fighting stance, in order to throw a punch.

The man from the other group appeared to be armed with a knife. So he takes at least one swing at the victim’s friend with the knife but misses.

One shared on Twitter: “bro wasn’t even really in the fight he should’ve ran off he came into the mess.”

Bruno Singh commented: “This is so f**ked. I’ve seen so much gore but this made me feel so uncomfortable.”

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What Else Is Out There Due to f1uxz_?

The most tragic part is that Brawls and dying over such fights are becoming easily too common incidents nowadays. These kinds of incidents are deeply disturbing to people all around the world, going viral almost every week.

As it’s partly mentioned above, the brawl happened between two groups of persons and not just two individuals. According to the police, the incident happened near the Valley Metro complex as far as the information reached us from our source now.

This stabbing was recorded on video which shows that Lauie Tagalao who was only a 24-year-old guy was stabbed to death by another 20-year-old guy. The video of the Brisbane Mall Stabbing incident has gone viral on social media platforms, especially on Reddit and Twitter.

Many are looking for an official statement from the police about the incident. Few arrests have been made in the case and the tragic story is yet under investigation. The motive of the incident is yet to be revealed by the police.

One replied: “All you niggas saying why to approach him with a knife, why to go full force at him, how about why not take the hiding, why to carry knives around that’s some pussy shit, been watching too much drill videos nigga definitely ain’t Surviving in prison, built like a broomstick,”

Carson wrote: “Unfortunate? Bro walked into the knife and he knew damn well he could’ve just walked off, the attacker was backing they followed, then he just walked up and got stabbed, how do u feel bad lmao.”

Another commented: “Maybe because you don’t fucking walk around with a knife on you?? especially Australia?? whipping a f**king a knife out is a pussy move, out of all places he could’ve stabbed HE aimed for an artery.”

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