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All About Phoenix Police Officers Shot, Arizona


Phoenix Police Officers Shot Dead and Injured Sunday night responding to a domestic violence call. Which turned out chaotic, the department stated in a report.

The incident began when officers arrived for a dispute between roommates answered to a reporting call, Sgt. Mercedes Fortune maintained at a Sunday night press conference.

When arrived at the scene, officers started talking with one of the roommates who was not also being cooperative.

Later the roommate shot the three officers at the scene where they had arrived. The three officers were wounded in the area of 40th Drive and Pinnacle Peak Road, According to a report of Phoenix police spokeswoman Sgt. Maggie Cox replied.

“No words are adequate to express my sadness for Commander Carnicle’s family and @PhoenixPolice,” Kate Gallego, the city’s mayor, shared a post on twitter.

“After a decorated career spent keeping PHX safe, he had his choice of assignments. He volunteered to be a Night Commander—this is the truest sign of the integrity of his character,” She continued.

The two other officers are expected to recover. However, for the other one, also the commander, we hope he Rests in Peace.

Critical Incident Update: It’s with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of a Phoenix Police Department Commander….

Posted by Phoenix Police Department on Sunday, March 29, 2020

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Police Officers Shot Dead and Injured

Greg Carnicle, commander at the Phoenix department, was shot dead and the other two were injured following response to the scene near 40th Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Road around 7 p.m.

One of the other officers, Marissa Dowhan, is a Phoenix Officers who was shot, now is out of surgery and is expected to be okay, police announce.

The third officer, Alicia Hubert, was shot in the lower extremities and is expected to heal up and recover soon.

Police answer that the Commander Carnicle was a 31-year veteran of the force. He was only months away from retiring. Greg was married and had four children.

He was assigned to different positions throughout the department, including the special duties unit, K9 unit. Carnicle most recently commanded all evening and weekend patrol operations.

“Tonight we lost a true hero. Greg Carnicle was a 31-year veteran of our department,” Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams stated.

“The other two officers who were shot are in stable condition,” she added. Also, one woman officer is out of surgery and another is healing up from wounds to her lower extremities.

“I can tell you this about Greg: I knew him for 30 years,” Williams continued. “He and I worked together in Maryvale precinct and used to enjoy way too much Church’s Chicken on duty so to be able to stand here today and say that one of my good friends is lost is troubling. So please keep us in our thoughts and prayers, the Carnicle family in your thoughts and prayers.”

Phoenix Police Officers Shot Dead and Injured Sunday night responding to a domestic violence call.

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Shooting scene and the Motive

It is not clear what led to the shooting, Fortune stated.

According to Phoenix police, around 7 p.m. Sunday, several companions at the home got into an argument. The situation intensified and turned severe where police were called.

Carnicle and two of his officers were walked into the home.

Therefore the suspect opened fire on the officers who were inside the home and shot all three of them.

Carnicle did not survive the incident. The other two officers are expected to recoup from their injuries.

Arizona’s Family and roommates neighborhood saw the active scene as tactical units ascended onto the district soon after the shooting.

Sources tell Arizona’s Family that the suspect has fired various shots at the police drone flying over the area.

The officers tried to talk to one of the subjects, however, he did not cooperate. Ms. Fortune stated at one point that a person shot and injured the officers.

Mr. Carnicle, as a Phoenix Police Officers Shot dead and two female officers were injured who are expected to recover, police announced.

As of 10 p.m. Sunday, the scene was still active where the suspect was inside the house. The suspect is still inside the scene and the situation is still active as of 10 p.m.

Police are asking the neighbors to stay away and not to come any close from the area while they work to secure this very active scene. As of 11 p.m. Sunday, sources say officers had made entry into the home.

The most recent death of a Phoenix police officer in the line of duty was in March 2019 when Officer Paul Thomas Rutherford was hit by a vehicle. The last officers killed by gunfire were Officer David Van Glasser in May 2016 and Detective John Thomas Hobbs in March 2014.

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