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Police killed Brian Quinones after apparently live streaming chase


Police killed Brian Quinones, a Minnesota man on Saturday night after he apparently live-streamed a pursuit in suburban Minneapolis, according to authorities and video of the incident. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner identified the man as Brian Quinones, 30.

The man was identified by family and friends as Brian Quinones. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner reported Sunday night that he was 30 years old and lived in Richfield. The medical examiner said he died from multiple gunshot wounds.

A candlelight vigil held at the shooting scene on Sunday evening evolved into a protest march that shut down Interstate 494 for about a half-hour.

Brian Quinones was killed in an officer-involved shooting in Richfield, Minnesota following a police chase he streamed on Facebook Live.

Quinones was a 30-year-old dad and a barber who lived in Minneapolis. He was originally from Ponce, Puerto Rico. Quinones was also an aspiring hip hop artist. His full name is Brian Jesus Quinones-Rosario.

A vigil for Brian Quinones Quinones turned into a march on September 8, 2019, the night after his death. Protesters took over the freeway on I-494, chanting “enough is enough.”

I-494 was closed in Richfield after protesters blocked the freeway in response to the deadly police shooting Saturday night. Long tailbacks can be seen on the interstate, with protesters moving onto the westbound roadway at around 7:40 p.m.

The eastbound lane appeared to close as of 7:50 p.m., though protesters moved off the freeway a short time later.

Police killed Brian Quinones, a Minnesota man on Saturday night

“Protesters have left I-494,” Unicorn Riot tweeted at 8:13 p.m. “Motorists who had been diverted from the Interstate are now witnessing the march, understanding the reason they were diverted. Cars honking in support.”

Live-streaming of the protest by Unicorn Riot showed protesters a short time later sitting down on 77th Street at Portland Avenue, which prompted the closure of 77th for a further hour or so.

Police killed Brian Quinones, a Minnesota man and it angered people.easy to understand.

In the hours leading up to his death, he shared his album, “T.I.M.E.: This Is My Everything,” to Soundcloud under the name Blessed The MC. He shared the album on Facebook, writing, “I Pray You Treasure It… My Hearts Inside It.”

His profile mentioned is an aspiring Hip Hop artist. My music is my interpretation of the world. I see the good as I do the evil. My lyrics can be profound at times, witty, catchy, inspiring, and everything in between. My inspiration comes from artists such as J Cole, Kanye, Jay Z, DMX, Jay Electronica, Kid Cudi, King Kendrick, Ab-Soul, Loaded Lux, Luda, Bone Thugz, Charles Hamilton, Nas, Tech N9ne, Eminem & the list goes on. No disrespect to the greats if I forgot them. My name ‘Blessed the MC’ comes from my perspective. They say you are what you think. Therefore, I am Blessed. I acknowledge my Gods gifts & it plays into the law of attraction. Please check out my music. I really give it my entire heart. Thank you & feel free to talk. I am only human. Cheers.”

Friends remarked some of the lyrics looked to portend his death and the Richfield shooting. One of his last posts told, “So sorry.”

Friends commented on the post after his death, saying they believed he planned to be shot by police on video. Two minutes after writing, “So sorry,” he wrote “Link” on Facebook. Three days before his death, he made a poignant post on Facebook.

“In life… There are pivotal moments that propel you. Moments you’ve strived for since your inception. Moments that quite frankly you’re 1. Not ready for and 2. Too afraid to capture,” he wrote. “You’ll feel and know when that moment has arrived. At that point its fight or flight in an instant. I wholeheartedly pray you to fight through. Otherwise, you’ll look in that rearview and realize you’ve reached your destination before you enjoyed your final sunset. ‘These Days I’m Much More Grateful.’”

The police department there said in a statement that a pursuit began at 10:22 p.m. local time in the nearby city of Edina. Quinones died 10 minutes later, the medical examiner said.

No officers were injured in the incident, police said.

Police told the Star Tribune Quinones had a knife. The pursuit started when he ran red lights.

Quinones began recording about 12 minutes before he died. The Facebook Live video continued for another 97 minutes after he was shot and killed.

Additional details about what prompted the chase or the shooting were not immediately provided by authorities. And it is not clear what may have happened before Quinones began his apparent Livestream.

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