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Reston VA Homicide Shooting Turns to Unusual Violence; 1 Died


A deadly Reston VA homicide shooting turned to unusual violence in which one person is killed. The police called it “not a random act of violence.”

Fairfax County Police Department‘s officers are investigating for a suspect believed to have fled the scene of the homicide in Reston on Wednesday afternoon, on Feb. 10.

The homicide shooting took place just after 2 p.m. at the 2300 block of Branleigh Park Court, the police said. The suspect left the scene in a silver Nissan Rogue.

1 victim killed in a shooting in Ruston VA
Image source: FOX 5 DC

Fairfax police did not say how the victim was killed and provided details about the suspect or identified the deceased.

The Fairfax County Police detectives were responded to the report of a homicide in the 2300 block of Branleigh Park in Reston, according to the post on the FCPD’s Twitter account.

Fairfax County Reston VA Homicide Shooting Leaves 1 Dead

A Fairfax County police officer remarked that the neighborhood did not typically see this level of violence.

Fairfax County public information officer, Greg Bedor said, “This is generally a good area here in Fairfax County, here in Reston. Things do happen from time to time. It’s certainly something we understand can be concerning and we want to do everything we can to ease the public’s mind and extra patrols, lengthy investigations, strenuous investigations to find out how these things unfolded.”

Virginia police hunting for a gunman who opened fire on the car and shot it three times was one of the latest fatal crimes in the Virginia area, on Sep. 2020.

Due to the investigation, a patrol car was traveling when a gunman shot it three times. The police arrived at the scene immediately and started gathering evidence.

The gunman ambushed two officers in their car. Both police officers were said to be survived. The critics said this incident resulted from a very strong sentiment that led to this shooting as a demonstration against police brutality.

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