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Shooting in Norwalk CT Leaves at Least Two Victims


After a fatal shooting in Norwalk CT, Police blocked off a portion of Chatham Drive Connecticut, on Sunday, May 16. According to Norwalk Police, two people died from gunshot injuries.

A police spokesperson said late Sunday afternoon that they had received a report of an “armed subject,” but did not give further details about the situation at the time.

During an updated social media post from Norwalk Police, “There is no longer any threat to the public.” Officials will be on the scene to investigate the events leading up to the deaths.

Two people died of injuries in Norwalk CT shooting
Image source: WTNH

Norwalk police referred to the incident as “an active and dangerous situation” earlier in a post. On Sunday evening, police said it was safe for residents to go home, but Chatham Drive remains closed to traffic as the investigation is still active.

Officers had been on a speaker asking for the person inside one of the houses to call them. Officers were heard saying to the person in one of the houses to answer their phone, “we are trying to reach you.”

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Two Killed in the Shooting in Norwalk CT

Officers wearing tactical clothing and holding shields had ushered residents from their homes on Chatham Drive after the shooting in Norwalk CT.

Police said the deceased’s identities are being withheld until their family is contacted.

At least two victims in Norwalk CT shooting were killed

Two other people were injured in another shooting in Connecticut on Lawrence Street in Hartford on Saturday afternoon, May 15. Police said they were responded to the area of 53 Lawrence St. at about 3 p.m.

When the police officers arrived, they could find two injured people. One young man was transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

According to the police, the second injured person was a young woman who was transported to a nearby hospital but remained stable.

Police said they don’t know what caused the shooting at this time. Crimes Scene Divisions and Hartford Police Major Crimes responded to investigate the scene. Residents with further information are urged to contact the police at 860-722-8477.

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