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Pedestrians and Cyclist Struck in Toluca Lake Hit-and-Run


A speeding car hit a cyclist and pedestrians in Toluca Lake hit-and-run. The car was taking off in Toluca Lake on Monday night, police announced.

A bicyclist and two pedestrians were struck in the incident Monday night. They were hit by a silver Ford Fusion.

The car had Texas license plates and the car got away from the scene. Police reported they lost sight of the car around Universal Studios.

LAPD Officers saw the pursuit driver strike the victims about 8 p.m. in the 10300 block of Valley Spring Lane.

A bicycle broken in half could be seen hitting on the ground nearby.

It’s a few blocks away from Cahuenga Boulevard. Officer Mike Lopez of the LAPD and Margaret Stewart of the Los Angeles Fire Department, reported.

A speeding car hit a cyclist and pedestrians in Toluca Lake hit-and-run.

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Driver Hits Pedestrians in Toluca Lake Hit-and-Run

The victims are all adults. The hit-and-run didn’t bear life-threatening injuries, and two were taken to a hospital in Toluca Lake by ambulance, Lopez and Stewart stated.

The footage shows two bicyclists, one male, and one female, being treated at the scene by the LA Fire Department staff before being transported to the hospital.

Los Angeles PD reports on Toluca Lake hit-and-run: Police went in pursuit of the suspect, however, the driver lost the officers, about a mile away from the accident location.

One witness tells the driver swerved at him as well.

“There was a scream from all the bystanders and I was about a half-block away and I started running toward the scene,”
stated James Bergseid.

“The car that was speeding away, I tried to get the license plate and he kind of swerved at me a little bit and kept going at a high speed.” he continued.

A speeding car hit a cyclist and pedestrians in Toluca Lake hit-and-run.

An investigation into the accident is ongoing.

From the last seen location, the driver has not yet been caught at last check.

How Many People Were Injured?

“(The victims) had gone up over the hood and it looks like they had taken out the side mirror as they were hit on the passenger side,” stated scene witness James Bergseid.

“But it was the sound of this car hitting the bike and those kids, and it didn’t really register with me what had happened exactly until I started hearing the screaming accompanied with that sound and what I saw.”

Police were exploring for a silver Ford Fusion with notable damage and Texas license plates.

A driver in a sedan Vehicle ran at least one pedestrian and a bicyclist over Monday in Toluca Lake. This led to a police pursuit before officials missed to locate the vehicle in the Universal City area, the Los Angeles Police Department announced.

Three people were wounded in the series of collisions, which took place around 8 p.m., the LAPD reported.

The Los Angeles Fire Department replied to the people in the Toluca Lake Hit-and-Run incident about 7:58 p.m. in the 10300 block of West Valley Spring Lane.

Witnesses at the scene remarked that exactly two cyclists and a pedestrian were hit. However, the LAPD announced two pedestrians and a cyclist were injured in the hit-and-run. Both sources maintained three people were injured.

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  1. Anonymous May 12, 2020

    Two of the victims are Kristin and Marcus Johns, YouTubers. Check Kristin’s Instagram handle for proof.

  2. Anonymous May 13, 2020

    Marcus and Kristin Johns were the two cyclist. They both posted on their Instagram stories. Horrific. Praying for all involved


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