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All we know about low cost iPhone, Apple strategy to reverse sales slump


Low cost iPhone, new Apple product, will be the strategy of this company to win customers in emerging markets and retake ground in China lost to Huawei Technologies and other rivals, sources stated. 

Apple is planning to launch its flagship iPhone 11 lineup next week, but these high-end models only make up about half of Apple’s total phone sales volume. Its cheaper SKUs are also important to its business. it offers the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 as cheaper models. It is probable that the iPhone 7 will no longer be sold once the iPhone 11 is released.

Remember 2016, when Apple was gaining momentum from iPhones with nearly bigger display sizes, it introduced the smaller 4-inch iPhone SE. Beginning at $399, it packed better performance than the iPhone 6s, a model launched a year previously, and with the smaller device giving more value to users, it gave customers a stepping stone to jump to the Apple ecosystem without paying a lot of funds. For 2020, it looks as if the iPhone SE stipulations might be developed in a manner that will still make people enjoy small, yet capable handsets.

As Nikkei has noted, the last time Apple published an affordable option was in 2016: the iPhone SE. Its prices began at $399, though it declined to $249 after Apple brought it back as a clearance item in the US in January this year. It’s not obvious if the future model is the second version of the SE — all the publication announced was that it will have a 4.7-inch display like the iPhone 8 and will “share most of the same components with the flagship iPhones this year.

” The low cost iPhone will use a cheaper LCD, though, to help Apple offer it at a much lower price than even the company’s lower-cost options like the iPhone XR.

The new model would be Apple’s first low-cost iPhone since the launch of the iPhone SE in 2016. Is this a forced retreat or an important decision that could bring Apple back into the ring? We have to wait to see the result.

The determination to revive the low cost iPhone comes among a rough patch for the iPhone. Apple announced its first-ever decline in iPhone shipments for last year, and this summer it lost the title of No. 2 smartphone maker to Huawei.

This U.S. company also has suffered two straight quarters of shipment and market share drops this year. The global smartphone industry overall further faces its third following annual decline in 2019, according to IDC projections.

However, there was no notice of Qi wireless charging or Touch ID to be part of the iPhone SE specs. Apple is also said to be prepping an iPhone with an in-screen fingerprint sensor, but the publicity time of that special device is 2021, not 2020. We also believe that where the larger iPhone models could be treated to Apple’s advanced 5nm EUV A14 chipset, this year’s A13 might be a part of the 2020 iPhone SE specifications.

A statement from Nikkei tells the company is planning to launch a new 4.7-inch iPhone in the spring, a spiritual iPhone SE successor, at least in price point.

The iPhone SE was a 4-inch option in an era where Apple had moved all of its high-end iPhones to 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens. The SE carved out some semblance of popularity, with some customers drawn to its compact size and others taking advantage of the lower $399 price point.

The new SE would feature an LCD display to keep the price down, but likely feature modern internals like the new A13 chip. It’s not clear if the phone will keep the Touch ID home button or adopt the more expensive Face ID system. The ‘iPhone 8’-Esque report suggests it would be based around Touch ID though.

Low cost iPhone will be the strategy of Apple to win customers in emerging markets
Image: Business Insider

The iPhone XR is an appealing more affordable option, but it is still priced above the $700 level. Even if Apple price fell the XR in the wake of the iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro release, it is still going to be around $600-$650. A true iPhone SE successor would be expected to be much cheaper, around the $400 mark.

About its ability, a previous benchmarking leak tells the A13 can deliver modest performance gains over the A12 Bionic. This shows that the 2020 iPhone SE won’t be devoid of performance. Also, if it ships with a lower resolution, it can deliver better frames and extended battery life at the cost of reduced pixels and screen real estate. Nikkei didn’t publish any pricing details, but if the cheaper model takes inspiration from the iPhone 8 design, it should cost less than the iPhone XR’s $749 starting price.

“Apple is facing quite a tough year in terms of smartphone competition,” said Eddie Han, a senior industry analyst at Market Intelligence. While most of its rivals already launched 5G-compatible smartphones to attract consumers amid an industrywide slowdown, Apple hasn’t unveiled a 5G handset this year, the analyst said. 

“A new iPhone SE could at least help Apple secure its user base,” Han continued. 
Apple did not respond to Nikkei Asian Review’s ask for comments. 

To get to know more related iPhone SE specifications, you’ll have to wait a little more. And as you know, we want you to treat this information with a pinch of salt, and await more info from our side.

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