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American Airlines Coronavirus cancellations policy


American Airlines Coronavirus: The airline is slashing international and domestic flights as request falls over the novel virus epidemic, reported Tuesday.

Tuesday morning, American Airlines announced that it would reduce its schedule due to the decline in demand following the US Coronavirus Outbreak. The airline will decrease its international capacity over the summer zenith by 10%, including a 55% reduction in transpacific capacity.

American Airlines Coronavirus: The airline is slashing international and domestic flights as request falls over the novel virus epidemic,
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American Airlines has extended the delay and cancellation of international flights, including to regions that have not yet been severely affected by the novel virus, such as Latin America.

The airline, which reduced service to several destinations in Asia several weeks ago as the crisis started to grow, has now announced its routes from the USA to Montevideo, Uruguay, and Santiago, Chile will also be stopped.

The airlines earlier declared it would halt flights to Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong until late April, and suspend its Dallas-Fort Worth-Seoul Incheon service until April 25.

Stated the airline, it will also reduce its flights to Sydney, and use smaller, wide-body aircraft to operate services to Tokyo.

The coronavirus took another bite out of the airline industry on Tuesday, as various airlines stated deep cuts to their international and domestic schedules.

“We are prepared to do more as the situation evolves,” said Delta CEO Ed Bastian. “Should the environment get worse, we can go deeper.”

Bastian spoke at an investor conference sponsored by JPMorgan along with five other airlines – American, United, JetBlue, Spirit, and Alaska.

“I think it is safe to say there will be capacity reductions in May, with the 5% reduction in April just being the first move,” declared Spirit CEO Ted Christie.

“While those numbers are encouraging compared to international, we’re planning for the public concern about the virus to get worse before it gets better,” stated Scott Kirby, United’s president. “As testing expands in the [United States], many more cases are likely to turn up in many more communities around the country. As such, we’re planning for domestic bookings to deteriorate further in the weeks to come.”

“We, of course, hope that it will be better, but we’re not willing to count on that,” he added.

American Airlines is suspending service to mainland China from various airports on the U.S. West Coast through the summer months. Flights to Rome from Philadelphia have also been suspended, service to Paris has been reduced and service to Rome, Milan, and Barcelona have either been suspended or delayed through the summer months.

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San Francisco, Calif. Coronavirus impacts air travel

The coronavirus epidemic is now affecting American Airlines, forcing airlines to reduce both international and domestic flights.

At SFO international flights to destinations, that coronavirus has not spread there yet, are beginning to be scaled back and the airport is demanding more domestic flights to be reduced as well.

SFO spokesperson Doug Yakel states, “As you see large companies announce they’re scaling back travel of employees — airlines are adjusting their schedules to reflect that there are less people flying right now.”

Scaling back and preparing for the worst flight cancellations caused by fears of coronavirus are starting to affect airlines worldwide.

Yakel continues, “This week Qantas announced scaling back flights to Australia and also Ibera announced suspension of service to Madrid. So that’s kind of outside of some of the expected locations where you’re really hearing about a lot of cases of COVID-19.”

“We’re in the process of pricing out exactly what all the latest airline schedule reductions represents in reduced revenue at the airport.It’s difficult to say at this point because the reductions continue to come in,” Yakel said.

No surprise the airport wanted to blow its own horn and stir up some excitement with private parties and festive tours before the March 24 opening.

However, such events didn’t jibe with last Friday’s edict from the Department of Public Health’s call for “canceling or postponing large gatherings.”

“At the end of the day, we’re still a department of the city and county of San Francisco,” Yakel said. “We have to follow our own recommendations.”

The last seven gates in Harvey Milk Terminal 1 are programmed to open in May 2021. Work then will start on the northernmost piece of the terminal, which received its last makeover in the late 1980s. That work should be completed in spring 2023.

American Airlines Coronavirus: The airline is slashing international and domestic flights as request falls over the novel virus epidemic,

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Los Angeles International Airport Coronavirus effect

Los Angeles Airlines are affected and also hurt by the novel Coronavirus as well as American Airlines.

You may have been to LAX before when it was very busy and crowded, yet if you were there now, you would’ve been surprised at the few cars on the road and the few passengers in the terminals. The culprit? The Coronavirus.

If people are scared to travel, there are three we met that are very frustrated. Three women from Brazil stated they came to Los Angeles for the ExpoWest, though the event was cut just two days before the event was to begin.

The woman was excited about getting information that could help their food company. As they were about to get back on a plane to Brazil, they reported that they can’t regain their hotel, airfare, admission, meals and other charges.

“Several screeners have been directed to self-quarantine for 14 days beginning March 3, or their last day of potential exposure to COVID-19.,” Press Officer Richard Quartarone said.

“Though this is a possibility,” Quartarone said.

“DHS is happy to report that this individual was highly trained and did everything right both on the job and when they began to feel sick,” stated DHS spokeswoman Heather Swift. “We are told the individual wore all the correct protective equipment and took necessary protections on the job.”

“We’ve not been instructed to do anything differently (since the coronavirus outbreak),” stated Anthony Blakely, who is in charge of cleaning planes between flights. “We are still cleaning the way we’ve always cleaned so I find myself being cautious with everything I do.”

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