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LATEST: Bella Hadid Congrats Little Khai’s BD to Gigi and Zayn Malik


09/20/21 | 01:40 a.m.

Bella Hadid Congrats Little Khai’s BD to Gigi and Zayn Malik

Sunday, September 19, has been marked for baby Khai’s first birthday as her aunt, Bella Hadid has already shared her congrats to Little angle Khai’s parents.

Bella shared: “I didn’t know my heart could grow this big!!!!. You make me smile when I’m sad and make me cry with happiness just because ur alive.”

But she was not the only one, sending love to the little family. Yolanda Hadid has also shared on her Instagram account a happy first birthday to angel Khai.

She expressed her feelings by saying that there are no words that can express how much love and joy baby Khai has brought into her life in just one year.

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She wrote: “I had to grow a whole other heart to absorb it all, you are such a magical little being that brings us smiles and blessings every day. Thank you to your incredible mamma @gigihadid and bubba @zayn for the greatest gift of life!!”

Little Khai has become one year old, yet the supermodel does not want her daughter in the public eye. She’s still asking everyone to respect her daughter’s privacy.

She recently explained: “She’s one next week and I just feel like I’ve been on mama duty. I’ve been at the farm every day in my sweatpants and in our matching messy buns. Tonight. I’m showing her what it means to dress up, own it and have balance.”

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09/19/21 | 01:20 a.m.

Sam Asghari’s Ex Sends Congrats to Britney Spears’ Engagement

Mayra Verónica, Sam Asghari’s ex-girlfriend, shows her happiness for him and Britney Spears after they shared their engagement news: “He finally hit the jackpot…She hit the jackpot too.”

She shared nice words about his ex, referring to Sam as a highly supportive person, and explained how he’s the right choice for “Oops I did it again” singer: “after all the shit she’s been through, that’s what she needs.”

“I think she’s with the right guy. I was kind of in a similar position when I first met him. My management and my publicist were extremely, extremely controlling, so he was always super supportive,” said Mayra.

Verónica and Asghari dated for almost a year from 2015. Mayra is an American singer, model, actress, and television personality, best known for her appearances on Spanish television.

The Mama Mia singer explained how charming and a sweet guy he is by sending the happy couple her congrats and support: “He was always super, super supportive, so I think she’s with the right guy. I really hope so, for her sake. She’s been through enough.”

Noted, Britney and Sam announced their engagement last week, September 14, after five years of dating. Brandon Cohen of BAC Talent, Sam’s talent manager confirmed the happy news.

Brandon confirmed: “The couple made their long-standing relationship official today and are deeply touched by the support, dedication, and love expressed to them.”

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09/18/21 | 03:57 a.m.

Kieran Culkin and Wife Jazz Charton Welcome Baby No. 2

Succession actor Kieran Culkin and his wife Jazz Charton welcomed their second child together a month ago! The mother of two revealed the happy news.

On Friday, Charton announced that she gave birth to a baby boy on Aug. 17. She posted a slideshow filled with photos of their little baby over the past month.

The first photo shows her sitting on a bench and holding her baby. Jazz also posted snaps of her in the hospital and with their daughter Kinsey Sioux,2.

“One month with our perfect little man 8.17.21 #gettheepidural,” Charton, 33, captioned photos of herself with the infant and her daughter.

In June, she joked about her “huge” baby bump. “I honestly don’t know what’s baby and what’s pasta at this point. Either way I’m huge.” Jazz captioned a series of Instagram photos.

That same month, Charton celebrated Kieran Culkin on Father’s Day with a sweet Instagram post. “Happy Father’s Day to this one. Just when we finally felt like we’d gotten the hang of this whole parenting thing we decided to relive the whole newborn nightmare again,” she wrote.

Charton added: “Here’s to the calm before the storm of being parents to two gremlins. Two is easier than one right?….. right?….F**k.”

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09/17/21 | 03:35 a.m.

A Sexual Allegement against Wrestler Ric Flair Het up Fans

Ric Flair may be known as a wrestling giant and legend, but he is being outed as a sexual abuser this week. This infamous incident is his alleged sexual assault of an air hostess.

In May 2002, when the WWE team was returning to the USA after a European tour, Ric allegedly exposed himself in front of the air hostess and forcibly put her hands on him during the flight.

Wrestler Ric Flair is reportedly accused
A woman claimed that Ric Flair had sexual actions

Also, the wrestling legend Rod Van Dam talked about Ric Flair and the incident with the flight attendant that he tried to make that lady touch him in an inappropriate way.

Now, fans are calling out Flair for his dirty deed. One fan wrote, “This is why victims don’t come forward. Ric Flair sexually harasses an innocent woman while she’s doing her fucking job. Tommy Dreamer passes it off as a joke that the victim got offended by. WHAT?!”

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09/16/21 | 03:22 a.m.

Ben Platt: Noah Galvin is “a Partner that I Really Love”

Ben Platt, 27, talks about his relationship with boyfriend Noah Galvin, 27, whom he has been dating since last year.

Ben said he has found “a partner that I really love, Noah Galvin, my boyfriend” before opening up about how Noah helped him overcome “fear and apprehension” he felt about reprising his role as Evan Hansen in his upcoming film after playing the character on Broadway in 2016. 

Platt said his boyfriend “has a really unique ability to help me to be present where I am and to make the life that’s happening day to day too wonderful to not want to be on the ground for it.”

While the two have been friends for years, it took living together during the pandemic for their relationship to turn romantic. When Covid19 hit, the couple went from “zero to 60” as they started “living together with my parents in our childhood home and seeing each other all the time, but it ended up being a beautiful time.”

Noah first revealed his relationship with Ben in May 2020, when he told the Little Known Facts with Ilana Levine podcast, “Ben and I are dating.” He added: “I asked him this morning, I was like, are we allowed to talk about this? And he’s like, ‘Don’t go into our nitty-gritty, but yeah, people can know,’ It’s still relatively new.”

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09/15/21 | 3:00 a.m.

Romance in the Air: Actress Jordana Brewster & Mason Morfit Are Engaged

Another happy news from the Hollywood actress: The 41 years old Fast and the Furious actress has announced her engagement to her boyfriend on Tuesday, September 15.

She made the announcement by posting a photo of herself wearing a sparkler on her ring finger, cozying up next to the 44-year-old tech CEO Mason Morfit: “❤️JB soon to be JBM❤️.”

The actress explained how she met his fiance almost four years prior while both were married to other people back then. It’s shared that four days after Jordana’s split from her ex-husband, the pair reconnected in San Francisco.

The actress explained: “When I landed, Mason was at the bottom of the escalator, holding a sign with my name on it. My heart was fluttering like a hummingbird. I felt at once super panicked but also strangely grounded.”

She added: “During a time when the world avoided all contact when it was mandated that everyone stay six feet apart, Mason and I blended into each other. I thought, Please kiss me. And he did.”

As you may already know, this would be the second marriage for Jordana, as she was once married to Andrew Form for 13 years and they share two sons. In 2020 their marriage came to an end.

Actress shared with the public: “Ultimately my divorce wasn’t my fault or my ex-husband’s fault. At 27, I was not ready to be emotionally open or vulnerable.”

she continued: “I wasn’t ready to really let someone in. At 40, I cracked myself open and put it all on the line. With that came the collateral damage of my first marriage, but by risking it all I gained the love of my life.”

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09/14/21 | 3:10 a.m.

Did Parys Haralson’s Car Accident Cause his Death?

Some fans claim Former San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints defensive end Parys Haralson’s car accident was his cause of death after he lost his life Monday night (September 13) at the age of 37. May he rest in peace.

University of Tennessee football officials confirmed the heartbreaking news in a statement released on Facebook, writing, “The Tennessee Football family is mourning the sudden loss of VFL Parys Haralson, who passed away Monday night at the age of 37. Haralson was a two-time captain for the Vols and finished his career 5th in program history with 21 sacks.”

Haralson starred nine seasons in the NFL from 2006-14. The beloved player, who was A fifth-round draft pick out of Tennessee in 2006, appeared seven seasons with the 49ers before ending his career with the Saints.

Some fans claim Former San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints defensive end Parys Haralson's car accident was his cause of death
Image source: 49ers Webzone

The star retired with 28 career sacks and 275 tackles, leaving Tennessee ranked fifth all-time in program sacks with 21. Haralson came back to the 49ers in 2016 in a front-office role as the team’s director of the player match for two seasons.

Parys additionally worked as San Francisco’s director of player engagement for two years. He was a college ballplayer at Tennessee before he was chosen by San Francisco in the fifth round of the 2006 NFL draft.

The 49ers announced Haralson’s death too but none of the sources provide details till now, while fans believe a car accident led to his passing.

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09/13/21 | 02:20 a.m.

What Leads to Screenwriter And Co-Star Ben Best’s Cause of Death?

It is reported that, unfortunately, the co-creator of HBO’s “Eastbound & Down” passed away on September 12, at aged 46. Ben Best’s cause of death is yet untold.

On Instagram, Rough House Pictures confirmed his death: “It’s with heavy hearts we say goodbye to our good buddy Ben Best. We lost him the day before he would have turned 47.”

It is written: “A hell of a friend and a creative force. He inspired us and made us laugh. Charming and hilarious. Gone way too soon. We love and miss you.”

Ben Best wrote and co-created many episodes of Eastbound & Down, which lasted four years for four seasons on HBO. He was best known for Land of the Lost and Your Highness.

Also, Seth Rogen wrote on tweeter: “RIP Ben Best. I remember seeing him as Chuck The Truck in Foot Fist Way and thinking, “I have to work with this man.”

He said: “I’m honored I got work with him, and even more so and that I got to hang out with him and just be in his company. Watch Foot Fist Way today and bask in his genius.”

Another one shared: “Twitter’s telling me that Ben Best has died, and goddamn that sucks. That dude was such a reliably hilarious presence in the McBride/Hill/Green collabs.”

One expressed: “I’ll probably quote Ben Best for the rest of my life. So funny. A huge influence on me and what I think comedy can be. RIP.” Noted, Ben Best sadly passed away the day before his 47th birthday. May he rest in peace.

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09/12/21 | 03:20 a.m.

Minnesota Vikings HOF Center Mick Tingelhoff’s Death at 81

Michael “Mick” Tingelhoff, Vikings Hall of Famer, passed away Saturday, September 11, 2021, after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s. He was 81.

“When we came to the Vikings [in 1967], Mick and Jim [Marshall] were our two leaders. Mick was an introvert. Jim was an extrovert. They were really respected and our best players,” Bud Grant said when Mick made the Pro Football HOF after a 37-year wait.

“They bought the program, which was vital. If I said, ‘Jump,’ Mick and Jim would be the first ones to jump, and everybody else would have to jump with them,” Grant added.

Upon hearing the sad news of Tingelhoff’s death, Grant said Saturday, “Mick was a great football player and one of the greatest Vikings of all time. I loved Mick Tingelhoff.”

Michael Tingelhoff was born on May 22, 1940, in Lexington, Nebraska. Mick played collegiately at the University of Nebraska and then came to the Vikings in 1962 as an undrafted free agent linebacker.

In 1962, Tingelhoff was shifted to center in Minnesota’s second preseason game and remained a rock in the Vikings’ offensive line.

Soon after the sad news of Mick Tingelhoff’s death came out, devasted friends and fans shared their condolences on social media and paid poignant tributes to him.

Jeff Cox wrote on Twitter: “RIP to the great Mick Tingelhoff, one of the best centers to ever play the game.”

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09/11/21 | 01:43 a.m.

Rolling Stones Manager Mick Brigden’s Cause of Death at 73

Mick Brigden, a famous tour manager, known for his work with Joe Satriani and Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones, passed away on Sunday following an accident at his home in Santa Rosa, California.

Brigden had been helping to a grave for his pet dog at his home in Santa Rosa on September 5. The UK native suffered an accident and was taken to a local hospital where he died.

Unfortunately, Mick eventually succumbed to his injuries and died on September 5. Shortly after the sad news of Mick Brigden’s death came out, devasted friends and fans shared their condolences on social media and paid poignant tributes to him.

Rolling Stones Manager Mick Brigden's Cause of Death at 73
Image Source: The Mirror

Joe Satriani wrote on Twitter: “It’s been a crazy & wonderful 33 years of rock ‘n’ roll. I’ve never worked so hard, played so hard, laughed and cried so hard, made so much music & had so many worldwide adventures, & all with Mick by my side.RIP Mick Brigden.”

Sammy Hagar tweeted: “Mick Brigden was the first person that took care of me on the road. Montrose opened for Humble Pie for the 3 years we were on the road. Mick was their tour manager, lighting director, stage manager, it seemed like he did everything. RIP Mick.”

Mick is survived by his wife Julia, son Jack Brigden, stepdaughter Jessica Merz and grandson David Merz.

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09/10/21 | 02:55 a.m.

Katharine McPhee and David Foster’s Baby’s Face is on the Screen!

Katharine McPhee, 37, shared a series of photos from a recent family trip to Canada on Thursday, September 9, including photos of 6-month-old son Rennie David.

In one of the photos, Katharine McPhee is holding her son as she waves at the camera from a trail in a sunny garden. Another snapshot shows the Smash star giving little Rennie a big smooch on the cheek.

“HOT MOM!!!!! 🔥 ” her husband David Foster, 71, commented on the post.

These pictures are the first time McPhee has shared photos of her little son’s face; she had previously shared Rennie in photos with his back to the camera or his face covered.

During an appearance on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show, Katharine McPhee said: “He’s such a good little baby, and I’m so in love.”

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09/09/21 | 02:45 a.m.

Jennifer Lawrence is Pregnant! First Child with Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Lawrence is expecting her first child with her husband, Cooke Maroney.

Lawrence and Maroney met each other through a mutual friend in 2018. After they started dating, they had kept their relationship private and off of social media. Many sources said that the new couple had “great chemistry” at that time.

“She is smiling as I have never seen her do with any of her previous boyfriends,” a source said.

Jennifer Lawrence is expecting her first child with Cooke Maroney

The two enjoyed a getaway to Rome and Paris together and were photographed holding hands in the City of Lights in August 2018. A source said that Lawrence and Maroney “seemed happy” as they strolled through Paris at that time. Soon after a year, the two were engaged.

After Jennifer and Cooke were spotted at a celebratory dinner in New York City with the Oscar winner sporting a “massive ring,” the actress’s rep confirmed their engagement in February 2019.

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09/07/21 | 02:26 a.m.

Olivia Munn & John Mulaney are Expecting a Baby: Extremely Excited

Another incredible piece of news has come out from another happy couple. The comedian John Mulaney shared that he is expecting his 1st baby with actress Olivia Munn.

The comedian said that he got into this relationship that’s been really beautiful with someone incredible and they’re having a baby together.

A close source shared their current situation, claiming that the pair are both extremely excited about the baby and they couldn’t be happier.

Mulaney told a source that he was nervous to become a dad, as he had such a rough year, going through a lot, facing new challenges which included going to rehab, relapsing, and getting a divorce from Anna Marie Tendler.

He shared: “In the spring I went to Los Angeles and met and started to date a wonderful woman named Olivia. She’s kind of held my hand]. And we’re having a baby together.”

Noted, their’s romance was first reported in May, spotted together enjoying their summer. Later in June, the happy couple were seen on a lunch date at Rick’s Drive-In & Out in Los Angeles.

The source explained that the lovely couple is had a great time at that launch, laughing and talking as they are really enjoying each other’s company.

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